Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 08/12/2019

This week’s a mixed bag. There’s MDMA but there’s also a girl group from X Factor.


10) PERCEPTION Day Party

8th December

What: PERCEPTION Day Party is back for the second instalment of what is sure to be an experience like no other. This time they take to one of Melbourne’s most unique Warehouse venue spaces ‘The Third Day’. Highly renowned for its memorable art features and open light filled roof. For this they have brought together some of Melbourne’s greatest artists with the likes of Brian Fantana, Market Memories, Ron Waha & plenty more!

Why: If at some point in the night in the middle of the 45th version of the same electro-techno-house track you perceive your life going down the shi**er, congratulations. You’re not totally divorced from reality.


9) Warp presents Jensen Interceptor

14th December

What: Warp is incredibly proud to be returning Jensen Interceptor to his home turf for an exclusive Melbourne show. Known for his passion for Detroit Electro and hard hitting 90’s Breaks, Jensen is sure to shift you into gear for an international masterclass, right in the heart of the Australian scene.

Why: Listen to the sounds of gritty urban decay pumped through a sound system worth tens of thousands of dollars by a white guy from Sydney named Mikey.


8) Marination Station

14th December

What: Marinate Events is proud to announce they have teamed up with Humdinger Bar to deliver one tasty summer day party. The single stage event will provide nothing but the sauciest Tech, House and Disco.They are pleased to welcome aboard for a Frankston debut the one and only Brian Fantana. Supported by an absolute serving of local legends from every corner of beautiful Melbourne. Each individual has been hand picked to provide nothing but historic dance floor moments for this 8.5 hour event.

Why: This is the first time a rave has made us hungry. Usually when we think of raves we think of sweat, contact dermatitis and airborne herpes. Ah yeah. That’s better.


7) Dead Prez (Live)

13th December

What: With hard-hitting beats, politically conscious rhymes, deft lyricism and strong song concepts, Dead Prez emerged in 2000 as one of rap’s most politically strident outfits. and M-1’s music provided a voice for the voiceless, a sobering look at the global power structure that was crippling billions of people internationally and millions of Americans domestically. The duo’s first two studio albums, 2000’s ‘Lets Get Free’ and 2004’s ‘RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta’, were accompanied by four acclaimed Turn Off The Radio mixtapes and solo albums. We welcome them to The Night Cat.

Why: A rap group that expresses stark commentary about the socioeconomic disparity between black and white America. So expect a lot of 35 year old white guys named Dave in the audience who’ve memorised their full canon and hence feel it’s okay to use the N word because they’re “down with it, yo”.


6) Halestorm 2019 Tour

10th December

What: Hard rock juggernaut HALESTORM are delighted to announce plans for their December 2019 Australian headline tour, presented by MJR Presents by arrangement with UTA. Recently in Australia for the second annual Download Festival Australia, they will return down under with special guests Black Stone Cherry to bring the ruckus! Wall of Sound saw Halestorm at Download Festival Australia and proclaimed that, “The four-piece from Pennsylvania brought the mayhem to Australia. Horns up were demanded by the self-described crazy chick on stage, with fans responding accordingly.”

Why: They’re “nothing like the rest”. Just like the rest.


5) The Lemonheads Album Tour

12th December

What: Handsome Tours is elated to announce the return of beloved alt-rockers The Lemonheads to Australia this December. Since they were formed in Boston, Mass, in 1986 by Evan Dando, the family tree of The Lemonheads has many twisted tentacles anal tangential branches, and a host of one-liners etched into its bark. Anyone could be a Lemonhead but for how long who knows? Leastways they’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with Evan throwing discordant chords against alt-country-tinged melodies, playing that light and dark card. Through their ranks passed Descendents, Blokes Babies, Dinosaur Jr. and members of Fuzzy. Experience them live.

Why: The ultimate of 90s inoffensive pop-rock. So, we’re guessing there’ll be a lot of fifteen-year-olds in the audience attempting to be alternative by reminiscing about a time when they hadn’t actually been born yet. Funny. We often reminisce a lot about that time as well.


4) Little Mix: Bounce Back Tour

13th December

What: Little Mix have firmly established their reputation as one of the most phenomenal performers around, having had 21 UK hit singles and sold more than 45 million records worldwide. This month the band release their new single ‘Bounce Back’. The song was produced by the legendary Stargate (Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry), and features an ingenious sample from the classic Soul II Soul smash ‘Back To Life’, which co-incidentally celebrates it’s 30th anniversary this summer. Come see them perform it live.

Why: Well it turns out the youth of today isn’t actually all that different to the youth of generations past. Here we were assuming that the era of the girl group was dead and gone to be replaced by the timed orchestra of social media notifications. But that’s not so. The one thing we would have happily seen shrivel up and die has slathered itself with anti-ageing cream, pumped itself full of silicone and burst back out onto the stage.


3) Opeth 2019 Tour

13th December

What: Since forming in the tiny Stockholm suburb of Bandhagen in 1990, the Swedes have eclipsed convention, defiantly crushed the odds, and, most importantly, crafted 12 stunningly beautiful, intrinsically intense albums, to become one of the best bands on the planet; whether that be live or on record. December 2019 will see Opeth performing a stunning set of classic tracks from throughout their 30 year career as well as introducing Australian audiences to astounding new material from their forthcoming studio album.

Why: They’re not what they once were. But some bowel-churning death growls are timeless.


2) The Petting Zoo

14th December

What: Welcome to the zoo, a music & arts event for animals of all sizes! Petting Zoo style decor will be scattered around the enclosure so you can explore and discover throughout the day. Roving performers and magicians will keep you entertained. Be ready to experience a level of interactive production that you have not seen before! Artists have been booked to deliver constant aural pleasure through finely tuned pa’s, across 3 epic stages. Featuring: Franky Rizardo, Weiss, Route 94, Tube & Berger, Amine Edge & Dance, Solee, Mat.Joe, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Jordan Brando, Noizu, The Journey, Brian Fantana, Luke Vecchio, Handsdown & Leighboy, Laura King, Bec Grenfell, Francesco Castelli, Madalaine, Chriss Matto, Matteo Freyrie, Etwas, Andrea Guadalupi, Amaddin, Trentoff, Dean Turnley, Metwally and Elliott Creed.

Why: Just like a normal petting zoo, only more sensorially offensive. And a lesser concentration of heroin in the promoters.


1) Meredith Music Festival

13th-15th December

What: Music, nature, nonsense, humanity at its most wonderful, wild times, excursions, incursions, retrospections, a retreat, a rare treat, a rare feat, a rare bird, things rarely heard, music, nature, nonsense, wild times, etc, etc, all staged in a purpose built Underground Wonderland specifically designed for housing the very best of times on an annual end-of-year basis, all run smoothly with pride and affection…uh…that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Headlining this year’s festival is Irish pop revolutionary Róisín Murphy. Joining her are local legends like Briggs, Amyl & The Sniffers, Julia Jacklin and actual Australian icon Christine Anu. Other international acts on the bill include magical South African rapper Sho Madjozi, German producer Helena Hauff, Swedish punks Viagra Boys and way more.

Why: Spend the weekend with Meredith and your Christmas with aunt Meredith. They have equal access to powerful drugs, but one costs exorbitant amounts of money and the other is wildly racist. For both, we suggest quality earplugs.

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