Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 07/10/2018

You’ll be all over the shop this week, Melbourne. Because Aldi sells cheap wine. And Mariah Carey is here.


10) A Hitch To The Sticks

14th Oct

‘It’s way out in the sticks’. Who hasn’t heard that phrase and thought ‘I’m there!’. A weekend of some of the biggest names (including Kate Ceberano) in Australian music history set in an outdoor bar with food.


9) DeadZone

13th Oct

“At the point between two nothingnesses burbles a sumptuous line up of local and interstate acts”. A night of DJ spinners including the likes of “Wood of Suicides”. Dear me. This’ll be a jolly wholesome time for the whole family.


8) Dark Circus III

12th Oct

Clowns. Known for their legendary abilities to live in sewers, wield chainsaws, craft balloon giraffes (we’ve tried, it’s bloody impossible), and uh…spin a hell of a good live DJ set. A night of the creepiest interactive DJ performances.


7) Reconnect Day Party

13th Oct

Kids, it’s time to reconnect. With your liver. You’ve been neglecting it for too long. Kale? Smoothies? Goddamn it it’s been looking for a challenge. A day party hosted by Vici Vici. Who calls themselves something like that? Someone who knows the majority of people trying to call his name will be drunk.


6) Out On The Weekend

13th Oct

Yes. It’s about damn time you did go out. A weekend of the newest on the scene American musicians and all the relevant consumptive artery clogging fare to go along with it.


5) Paradigm. Presents Hologram

12th Oct

Paradigms? Holograms? Well, someone’s certainly been flicking through a dictionary. Well, it helps when you’re organising an immersive Psytrance night. Psytrance isn’t even a bloody word.


4) St Kilda Silent Festival

12th Oct

We’ll never understand the youth of today. Australia’s biggest silent disco is back on the Melbourne beachside. As we understand it, people dance to music transmitted through wireless headphones instead of a sound speaker. Hell. As long as they’re quiet we don’t care. Though we imagine the sound of feet crunching on sand and bodies slapping together and the occasion burst of out-of-tune RnB classics will be…something to behold.


3) Oktoberfest at Blackman’s Brewery

13th Oct

Snap your self into those lederhosen, Melbourne. Everything’s ironic when you’re drunk.’s-Brewery/15f707c0-cc24-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Living Room Festival

13th Oct

No, it’s not what you delightfully term your lonely drunken nights dancing to The Knack. You know you do it. It’s an outdoor music and light festival populated by the furniture you’d usually find in your living room. A porous sofa and low light lamps in the damp Melbourne outdoors? Wonder why no one thought of this ingenious idea before.


1) Mariah Carey The Number 1’s Tour

10th Oct

We may live under a rock but it’s impossible not to know about this singer. Believe us. We’ve tried. But she’s loud. Very loud. So buy your tickets at your peril. Just remember. She’s had sex with James Packer. So…you know where her standards lie.’s-Tour-Melbourne/8d3bcd80-518f-11e8-a8dd-e3a56d3eda89

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