Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 06/01/2019

Skip breakfast, Melbourne. We’re cramming summer down your throats.


10) Bishop Briggs

8th January

What: Born in London but a citizen of the world, Bishop Briggs takes elements of soul, R&B, hip-hop and booming indie, wraps them in a forceful, expansive voice and exhibits them with rare grace.

Why: Yeah. She calls herself a citizen of the world. So we probably shouldn’t be that surprised that she appeared on the Fifty Shades Free soundtrack.


9) The Vasco Era

11th January

What: The Vasco Era return to the Corner stage because they have missed jumping around like idiots and felt like brushing the cobwebs out. Come and have some fun with this indie band.

Why: Nothing says ‘enjoyable night out’ like an indie band playing a pub. Or you could just stay home and run headlong into the wall. At least there’ll be an element of suspense.


8) DISCO Warehouse Night Rave

12th January

What: A DISCO Warehouse night rave featuring: Orkestrated, Travlos, Ali KH and Aminos KH.

Why: Disco? Warehouse? Night Rave? You don’t even need to schedule that surgery. This insane rave is sure to make your inflamed appendix burst right out through your nose.


7) Thriller Night with Domenico Rosa

5th & 6th January

What: Another young gun emerging from the European underground scene, Domenico Rosa, will quake the SuBClub dance floor. His style is tipped towards house and techno, mixing classic 90’s bombs with innovative powerful sounds.

Why: We’re not well affiliated with House music lingo, but we want to hear Achy Breaky Heart mixed with the sound of a cat being mutilated as much as the next guy.


6) Prog Sesh Ozzy & Illume

12th January

What: A night of the ultimate progressive underground, house and techno music featuring: Ozzy, Illume, Malibu Who, Disfigure Crowhurst, Gabulous, BANDO, Digital Synapsys, Eternal Soul and Platypuss.

Why: What’s more progressive than a guy named Ozzy dumpster-diving music from every other genre smashing it together and calling it an ‘experience’, dude?


5) White Noise pres. KAISER SOUZAI

11th January

What: Kaiser Souzai is an unstoppable force in the industry. Within creating his own style of meticulously designed avant-garde tech, he draws influence from greats such as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes. Come catch his live performance.

Why: Because who wants to listen to the real Pink Floyd when you can hear some guy cannibalising their opus and spewing it out through a synth?


4) Novel & Revolver Sundays present Midland and DJ Boring

6th January

What: Get down to the sounds of Midland and DJ Boring, two house techno legends. Their unique mix of electro anthems and melodramatic chords, modulated acidic klangs and syncopated, chilled out 909 grooves will settle you into the summer rhythm.

Why: It will settle you into the summer rhythm if the summer rhythm is confused, sweaty and trying to remember where the club exit is because your ears have started to bleed.


3) Riva Starr, Bontan & Doorly Day Party

12th January

What: Let’s Get Natural & Treat Danceclub present Riva Starr, Bontan & Doorly in the exclusive Blue Diamond penthouse. Celebrate party-ready house music all in the comfort of Melbourne’s beautiful city skyline.

Why: Nothing says ‘House music has a complex racial history’ than a bald white guy named Riva in a place called the Blue Diamond Penthouse.


2) TR!P feat. Scot Project

12th January

What: TR!P is back with it’s 7th edition and definitely the most EPIC of line up’s so far with huge international superstar SCOT PROJECT playing 100% vinyl sets as is TR!P tradition.

Why: We’ll just go ahead and say it. Futuristic techno utilising vinyl records is the most enjoyable contradiction since someone said ‘Hey, let’s shit in a frying pan and make steak in the toilet’.!P-feat.-Scot-Project/fbb1bc40-1078-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Eat The Beat: Official After Party

6th January

What: Experience the official Eat The Beat After Party, an extension of the Saturday Night. Experience a special music journey on  Sunday morning featuring: Matteo Freyrie DJ, Etwas and Chriss Mattò.

Why: There’s no better way to reveal the true horror of your sweaty situation than the kiss of the Sunday morning sun.

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