Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 03/03/2019

We’re going to deliver the best pitch you’ve ever heard. And this time you won’t lose your life savings to Bitcoin.


10) Eat The Beat: Official After Party

3rd March

What: An event concept in Melbourne city for every clubber to experience a special music journey Sunday Morning! Featuring: Matteo Freyrie DJ, Etwas and Chriss Mattò.

Why: Nothing alleviates a hangover like blasting club music and laser lights.


9) The Love Bazaar: Fundraiser Warehouse Party

2nd & 3rd March

What: An evening of vibrant beats and musical feats at this fundraising party at Rubix Warehouse! Peruse the aisles of the Love Bazaar for a decadent evening of exotic beats ranging across House, Techno, Glitch-hop, Drum & Bass and Breaks served up by well established Melbourne musical talents!

Why: Earn the moral high ground and puke up 6 hours of liquor and club music.


8) Sven Väth Live

8th March

What: Welcome the godfather of techno himself, SVEN VÄTH for a very special intimate set in Brown Alley!

Why: Lives in Germany most of the time, is far too old for the clubs he frequents and has lifted his entire persona from the eighties. Yeah. Pretty standard godfather.


7) Manuel De La Mare

9th March

What: Awarded by Beatport as ‘Best Remixer’, and nominated as ‘Best Deep House and Techno Artist’ Mare is now Debuting in Australia at Eat The Beat Saturday Night and the Official After Party!

Why: We all deserve the best. Just last night we gave in and ordered the best thing on the menu. Just to treat ourselves. Of course, we were on a Jetstar flight from Queensland…but those earphones were delicious.


6) Bizzare Contact

8th March

What: One of the pioneering talented legends in the Psy trance scene. Didy has become known for a sound that is undeniably engaging, playful, uplifting, driving, and serious all at the same time, focusing on today’s cutting edge sounds in Psychedelic Trance music. Come experience him live.

Why: Get engaged to a casual acquaintance, play Flloyd in the car using your hands for percussion, get uplifted into an ambulance, get driven to hospital and be booked in for a serious spinal restructuring. Sounds like psychedelics to us.


5) Eat The Beat: Music Is The Answer

2nd & 3rd March

What: A laser show and redemptive club night featuring Gav Whitehouse, Jacob Malmo, Olly Davis, Chriss Matt and Andrea Guadalupi!

Why: We assume they mean this in response to any question, to which we ask: Liver disease? Will blasting club music directly at one’s liver in hospital reverse the effects of the amount of liquor it takes to be able to enjoy club music?


4) Eagles World Tour 

5th & 6th March

What: On this tour, the Eagles – Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit, with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey – will be accompanied on stage by an incredible live band that includes a full horn section and full string section. As the Eagles’ appeal continues to transcend both generation and genre, don’t miss the opportunity to witness Eagles’ unmistakable West Coast harmonies and unparalleled song writing talent come alive as they return to Australia!

Why: Remember that time you thought you’d accidentally suffocated that bird and the reality of death crashed down upon you…and then the bird suddenly flapped it’s wings and limped away to live a seemingly endless existence? Like that but the bird is a 60s soft rock band.


3) Port Fairy Folk Festival

8th-10th March

What: This time around, the festival is paying homage to the mother of all festivals, putting its own spin on Woodstock. You’ll be invited to take a step back in time to White Lake New York in 1969, with reimagined interpretations of artists and songs by an absolutely golden lineup including Melisande, Marcia Howard, Nick Barker, Front Country, The Naked Waiters and heaps more.

Why: New York in 1969 except in Australia in 2019. Without Jimi Hendrix,  Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Janis Joplin… And without any hope of actually affecting change in the somehow worse political and environmental quagmire we’ve found ourselves in.


2) Death Cab for Cutie ‘Thank You for Today’ Tour 

6th & 7th March

What: Seattle’s influential indie-rock luminaries Death Cab for Cutie return to Australia. Adored for their shimmering songwriting and evocative alt-rock style, the veteran musicians will perform their recent ninth studio album Thank You for Today alongside their impressive back-catalogue of hits.

Why: So. We’re at that time when bands from the late nineties can be called ‘veteran musicians’, yet it’s insensitive to ask how exactly they inserted the metal skeleton into Cher’s corpse in order it to be able to perform ‘Dancing Queen’ live.‘Thank-You-for-Today’-Tour-Melbourne/8d015b50-3c99-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Pitch Music & Arts Festival

8th-11th March

What: A budding perennial weekend for current electronic music and creative visions. Here, a community seasoned in swift-footed connections experience Victorian land escape. Over four days inhale a perfectly balanced blend of dance deities, sky-locked music and innermost enjoyment.

Why: We don’t see why they’ve felt the need to be so nebulous in their description. 4 relentless days of synth vomit sounds just as romantic.

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