Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 30/06/2019

This week’ll put a wry smile on your face. Sorry, we meant rye smile. Well, either way, you’ll be drunk on whisky.


10) The Handsome Jack Experience

3rd July

What: Dashing male model turned master magician, Handsome Jack has gone from impossibly good-looking to simply impossible. His show combines erudite repartee, bespoke fashion, sophisticated sleight of hand, and a touch of sexual tension.

Why: He’s a resident performer in LA and he’s bald. Does the repulsive description above make more sense to you now?


9) Disney On Ice Celebrates Mickey and Friends 

4th-8th July

What: Grab your mouse ears and get ready for the ultimate interactive event as Disney On Ice celebrates Mickey and Friends in this commemoration of 90 years of Mickey Mouse.

Why: Quick, make up your own mind now before Disney absorbs you into its conglomerate and you no longer have the agency to decide whether you actually want to participate.


8) s t a t e o f f l u x

6th July

What: ‘s t a t e o f f l u x’ is a performance art piece using mixed media to explore concepts around space and time. The performer (Ryan Mitchell) stands in the middle of a white surface, interacting with or triggering elements that surround them, eventually filling the space with both a layered soundscape and substances that flow outwards.

Why: Ever caught yourself staring at a homeless person on the street waving their arms, drooling and mumbling to themselves? This is the guilt-free version with added intellectual credit. How do we know? You have to pay money to view it.


7) Ratio Cocoa Roasters Behind The Scenes Chocolate Factory Tour

5th July

What: Discover the delicious secrets behind one of the worlds most ancient delicacies. Sample the best of the infamous cocoa bean and its many uses with Ratio Cocoa Roasters.

Why: What? You thought we’d forget about your weekly dose of diabetes? You have too little faith in us.


6) Gin Distillery Tour & Tasting

6th July

What: Ever wondered how gin is made? Want to know more? Learn the answers to these questions and many more gin facts when you take a behind the scenes tour of the distillery. You also get the chance to taste all of Brogan’s gin creations.

Why: Quiet the paranoia you feel concerning your ailing liver with a liquor that once made a whole generation of mothers forget about the existence of their own children.


5) Duck & Pinot Collaboration Dinner

30th June

What: Henry Sugar and Luke Fraser (Sous Chef, Hell Of The North) present an evening of duck and pinot noir. Over six courses, dishes will be created using all parts of the duck, each course paired with Pinot Noir from independent producers throughout Victoria.

Why: “All parts of the duck”? Well, brilliant. Nothing pairs better with the sensation of pre-abbatoir terror than a bottle of wine.


4) Gin Palace Lunch: Matt Germanchis x Great Ocean Road Gin

6th July

What: A G&T on arrival will lubricate the welcoming meet and greet with the makers behind this featured gin. This will follow through to a three-course lunch matched with three cocktails. More fun will ensue, where the award winning Trish Brew will walk the group through an interactive cocktail workshop.

Why: You know you’re in for a good night when lube is offered upon arrival.


3) Cheese and Whiskey Tasting

4th July

What: Hosted by award winning bar tender Gorge Camorra, beat the winter blues and warm up with six cheeses paired with six whiskeys.

Why: A whole night of cheese and whiskey? There’s no denying it’ll warm you up. You’ll be sweating. Just walking to the bathroom. For the foreseeable future.


2) Rye July: Jack Daniels Masterclass at George’s

4th July

What: Celebrate the 4th of July in style, with Linus Schaxmann, the Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniels, who will be talking about the rich history of this iconic American spirit, followed by a tasting of the Jack Daniels family, including the newly released Jack Daniels Rye.

Why: Nothing pairs better with the reminder that America still exists than a lot of whisky.’s/945f2970-962d-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Damm Good Truffle Dinner

6th July

What: In the stunning venue Au79, two talented chefs Sidney and Thomas will bring the combined experience of 25 years together with local suppliers from Melbourne onto your plate and into your glasses. Through out the night you will experience the best of them.

Why: This is truly the pinnacle of human achievement: a fungus that costs more than the average weekly rent…in Melbourne. We humans really know how to prioritise.


Special Mention

The Melbourne Magic Festival

30th June-13th July

What: The Melbourne Magic Festival promises to take you to the extreme end of visual theatre with over 300 performances of 75 different shows including top international guest magicians from all over the world! Be amazed as Melbourne becomes a magical hub in winter for 14 days only with special events, workshops, and live shows for everyone from child friendly to adults only.

Why: Consider this our apres coup act of magical misdirection. Or…perhaps we prefer not to regularly think about the fact that grown adults who aren’t ashamed to shout the word ‘abracadabra’ do exist (we are including fans of the Steve Miller Band).

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