Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 28/07/2019

This week’s right on the fringe of acceptability. Unfortunately, we’re not referring to the presence of vegans, who have fully infiltrated the mainstream.


10) Vegan Degustation Buffet

1st August

What: Osteria Italiana will be dedicating a night to an exclusive vegan degustation designed to satisfy the most sophisticated palates. A selection of Italian wines produced by small wineries specialising in organic and vegan products will be accompanying this rich menu.

Why: A night with vegans without a suicide attempt made possible via wine.


9) Taste the Red Burgundy Villages

30th July

What: Presented by Sommeliers Australia and MW Wines, this tasting will offer 12 wines from 12 separate villages within the Cote d’Or. Four brackets of three wines will be served, with six being from the Cote de Beaune and six being from the Cote de Nuits. The villages will be made known on the day, and it’ll be the task of those in attendance to pair the wines with their respective villages.

Why: A true wine tasting. And here’s the secret to surviving it: just keep pretending you’ve accidentally swallowed the wine instead of spitting it into the bucket.


8) Wine Feast & Fire featuring Atze’s Corner

3rd August

What: Be transported an hour out of Melbourne to a secret location for a rustic style long lunch and wine tasting. Andy Kalleske will be going through his wines; starting with Vermentino and moving on to their Barossa’s flagship reds. After lunch, relax and enjoy the outdoors – chat with Andy or take a seat by the fire pit and enjoy live music amongst the trees.

Why: We hope this isn’t a one-off. We really hope that from now all those who seek to wax lyrical about their wine collections will do so in secret far away from the rest of us.’s-Corner/c4f6ba90-adc4-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Gin Palace Lunch: Matt Wilkinson x Four Pillars Gin

3rd August

What: Be led down a visceral path of sensory wonderment. A G&T on arrival will lubricate the welcoming meet and greet with the makers behind the featured gin. This will follow through to a three-course gourmet lunch by Matt Wilkinson matched with three cocktails from Four Pillars Gin.

Why: You know you’re in for a good night when lube is offered upon arrival.


6) Cosmos Immersive Dinner

3rd August

What: An evening pairing visual art with food, wine, experience, and ambience. An opportunity to fully immerse yourself and discuss cosmic ideas, concepts, thoughts, and feelings. Bathe in the cosmos and own the night. Chef Parlo Arlotta has taken cues from the work on the walls and crafted a multi-course plant-based dinner experience thematically paired with Vexta’s artwork and the light and sound curated by Lei-Lani Terrell.

Why: Finally. A way to truly experience the beauty and complexity of contemporary visual art: pretending to incrementally whilst gorging yourself.


5) Saltwater: Curated Poetry and Degustation

3rd August

What: Over the course of three hours, you will gather over food and hear performances by guest artists. There will also be an open mic element. SALTWATER is a homage to the many connections we create through food, people, and the diaspora. The chef on the night is Cinday, owner of Shop Bao Ngoc. She will create a five-course degustation to this theme.

Why: It’s certainly one way to make live poetry palatable.


4) Write on the Fringe Festival

2nd-10th August

What: Showcasing the work of local writers and visual artists from Bendigo and surrounds. Join the festival for workshops, speakers and performances, and enjoy artistic and literary exhibitions all from a local perspective. Something for everyone!

Why: Quirky? Too ‘quirky’ to be appreciated by those damn Writers Festivals? Well, look no further than the fringe (i.e. Bendigo). A week to tickle your typewriter (we know you have one and it wasn’t cheap), and stick it to the man.


3) Hot Chocolate Festival

1st-31st August

What: Enjoy 31 hot new delicious and exotic hot chocolate flavours to warm up your winter. A selection of eight flavours will be available each day throughout the festival with each one served with an extra shot of hot couverture chocolate plus a handcrafted giant marshmallow.

Why: Write the above down. Send it to your doctor. Set an appointment for the end of the month. Check if medicare covers insulin shots.


2) Gertrude Street Projection Festival 

28th July-3rd August

What: Gertrude Street Projection Festival invites you to open your mind and your imagination as a huge light display takes over the entire length of Fitzroy’s Gertrude Street. This year, participating artists have been given the theme of “persist, resist, shift”. Artists have also been asked to look into questions like “how do we reinterpret traditions?” and “how is projection as an art form shifting?”. There will be more than 25 projection artworks on display from a mix of new artists and long-running festival contributors.

Why: The brick wall collection of dicks and pro-nazi symbols lit up by a technicolour dream projection really classes up the place.


1) Melbourne International Film Festival

1st-18th August

What: MIFF is one of the world’s oldest film festivals, alongside Cannes and Berlin. Presenting a curated global program of innovative screen experiences and the world’s largest showcase of exceptional Australian filmmaking, MIFF is an accessible, iconic cultural event that provides transformative experiences for audiences and filmmakers alike.

Why: One of the oldest film festivals in the world is hobbling its way back onto the screens providing hundreds of contexts wherein you won’t have to figure out how to strap a secret whisky flask to your person without danger of spillage. In other words: it’s practically a film festival mandate to be buzzed 95% of the time.

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