Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 24/02/2019

Spend this week dancing on a cloud. Hold on. Replace ‘a cloud’ with ‘grapes’ and ‘dancing’ with ‘smashing’.


10) Water for Coffee

25th February

What: Coffee Science Lab, in collaboration with Bennetts, is setting up an unique sensory experiment. They are looking for volunteers to taste and score a number of filter coffee samples. They need your expert palate, careful attention, and about 3 hours.

Why: Because what Melbourne really needs is more amateur coffee connoisseurs.


9) Sadia Sadia: In Conversation with Evelyn Tsitas

1st March

What: Join installation artist, writer and award-winning record producer Sadia Sadia in conversation with writer and curator Evelyn Tsitas, as they discuss Sadia’s work, motivation and interest in memory, consciousness, and the experience of profound affect in the encompassing aesthetic environment.

Why: Or stay home with a bottle of whisky and explore your own interest in memory, consciousness, and the experience of profound liquid affect in the encompassing aesthetic environment.


8) Flavours of Summer

27th February

What: Too hot with nothing to read? Join in for ice cream and a chat about books. Get reading ideas to suit your tastes, or mix it up and try something different as the librarians showcase a delicious selection of titles perfect for a hot summer of reading.

Why: They did it. They opened the floodgates. That time that librarian confiscated your sandwich because there’s no food allowed near the books? Well. It’s payback time.


7) Sunday Lounge Music: Featuring Meiwa

24th February

What: Canadian singer-songwriter Meiwa (a.k.a. Kristie McCracken) has earned praise across western Canada with her mature and thoughtful lyricism and subtly sophisticated, genre-melding creativity that reflects an artist who is expanding her musical horizons. Meiwa expresses her keenly observed and heartfelt emotions with an authentic, touching candour and insightful poised intelligence.

Why: Nothing says candour like another generic indie singer in a goddamn fedora.


6) Vinteloper Presents: Urban Winery Project

26th February

What: Once a year during harvest, Vinteloper transports their Adelaide Hills winery to an inner city location. Everything! Grapes, barrels, presses and staff find a new home for two nights only, where a lucky few (that’s you) take off their shoes and stomp grapes. The end product is Urban Winery Project’s 2019 vintage.

Why: Ah. The delicious origin of a famous wine label’s product. Foot sweat.


5) Yarra Valley Wine, Cider, Chocolate & Cheese Tour

2nd March

What: Experience wine tastings at 3 of the best wineries in the Yarra Valley including: Killara Estate, Fergusson Estate and a secret one! Also experience cider tastings, some of Victoria’s best cheese and chocolate inside the famous Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory.

Why: The description’s in the title and, frankly, if you’ve never longed to get drunk and run amok in a chocolate factory, then you’re really not our target audience.


4) The Australian International Airshow 

1st-3rd March

What: The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is one of Asia-Pacific’s most prestigious aviation and aerospace events and the most comprehensive aviation, aerospace and defence exposition in the southern hemisphere.

Why: What’s more comforting in this era of increasing tensions between major military powers than a f-cking airshow?


3) Gin 101: Gin School with the Gin Queen!

28th February

What: From the mind-blowing history of gin, to how it’s made, move on to explore the aromas before you dig in to taste a stunning selection of 8 different gins, both local and international.

Why: We’ll save you some time. The history of gin is mainly dead mothers, alcoholic children and rampant poverty and disease. Now. Don’t you feel like a good strong drink?!/45355ba0-3898-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Sugar Republic 

2nd March

What: Relive your childhood at the Sugar Republic! A huge ball-pit, a swing in a fairy-floss room, a giant jump-outable birthday cake, a mini cinema of the sweetest films, a sherbet rainbow bridge and a wall of sprinkles!

Why: You’ll also get a severe chronic case of type 2 diabetes to take home with you!


1) Arctic Monkeys 2019 Tour

27th February

What: British rock royalty Arctic Monkeys have ushered in a spectacular new era with their sixth studio album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, and now Frontier Touring is over the moon to announce the band’s return

Why: From that small section of British BBC vets that haven’t been accused of several felonies.

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