Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 23/06/2019

This week’s pure magic – Anthony Warlow covered in the blood of his victims.


10) Flora, The Red Menace

25th June

What: Written in 1965 but set in 1935, this rarely-seen gem tells the story of the indefatigable Flora, who falls in love with Harry, a Communist. Their romance is tested as she’s torn between her job, the Party, Harry, and her desire to champion the careers of her bohemian artistic friends. This gentle comic romance features a lovely score by Kander and Ebb (Cabaret, Chicago) and characters you will fall in love with.

Why: Seems a better time than ever to stoke your love for communism. Since all the other routes clearly haven’t done the bloody trick.


9) Tommy Little 2019 Tour

26th-29th June

What: Tommy Little is a genius. He has the nude bungee jumps, broken bones and shit tattoos to prove it. He’s about to embark on his most genius-est challenge yet – running a marathon in Antarctica without training and a whole life of no leg weights. It’ll be a cracker of a story… if he lives to tell it.

Why: A comedian so generically appealing and inoffensive even your grandmother will appreciate him. Of course, that could be because he looks and sounds like an Aryan militant’s wet dream.


8) Tech Games Fest

29th June-1st July

What: This three day event will share info on employment and study opportunities in ICT, workshops, presentations and tournaments; the latest games, Esports, robotics, cosplay and pop culture, games development and board games; drones, cyber security, AR and VR and programming; and software and hardware.

Why: There’s no more compact and efficient way to realise your worth as a fallible human being. Or lack thereof.


7) The Annual Big Red Bookfair

29th June

What: The New International Bookshop presents The Annual 2019 Big Red Book Fair. Put the date in your diary today! As always, the bookfair will have HEAPS of bargain books across ALL genres. This year there’ll be a coffee cart, and a BBQ lunch provided by Lasnet.

Why: Breathe it in. The only aroma more headily obsolete than the one provided by this room will be the one provided by your grandmother’s rest home. At least here there’s less visible rot.


6) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 

23rd June

What: Anthony Warlow – Australia’s original Phantom – is set to play ‘demon barber’ Sweeney Todd, while Gina Riley plays pie-shop owner Mrs. Lovett in Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s 1979 musical masterpiece. Together they bring high-wattage star power to this unique new concert production.

Why: The plan for post-Brexit food production in the form of a musical!


5) Palates of St Hallett

26th June

What: Under the soaring glass atrium of Alluvial Restaurant, be taken on a journey from the vineyards of Adelaide’s Barossa to Melbourne’s Alluvial with Stuart Blackwell, St Hallett Chief Winemaker, and be seated to experience 7 showcased St Hallett wines matched to an intricate 5 course degustation menu designed by the international luxury hotel’s celebrated Chef, Ian Lee.

Why: We don’t generally knock pretension (it’s a damn good source of self-worth) but even we can’t permit the phrase ‘soaring glass‘…unless you’re allowed to throw glassware at an insolent waiter at this thing. 


4) Torbreck Wine Tasting at Liminal

26th June

What: Have you ever tasted a 100 point wine? The perfect score is a rarity in the wine world. An extraordinary achievement, distinguishing wines of the absolute pinnacle of quality. Enjoy this very limited release wine as part of an exciting flight of six wines that reflect the Barossa’s gentle Mediterranean climate and Torbreck’s restrained winemaking.

Why: We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely had a 100 point wine experience. It says so on our driver’s licence.


3) Melbourne Magic Festival (Roadshow)

27th June

What: Piano Bar is excited to present many of the stars of the Melbourne Magic Festival in Geelong, for one night only. This show is jam-packed with the best headliners from the MMF, offering you a taste of some of the amazing, jaw-dropping acts that are performing at this year’s festival.

Why: Experience magicians in the most enjoyable way possible: in close proximity to alcohol.


2) Emerging Writers’ Festival

23rd-29th June

What: The Emerging Writers’ Festival brings writers, editors, publishers and literary performers together with the reading public for a festival that is an essential part of Australia’s literary calendar.

Why: “Together with the reading public”? Huh. We’ve never seen a whole festival catfished before.


1) Firelight Festival 

28th-30th June

What: Celebrating the winter solstice, Firelight Festival is about community, warmth, art and enjoying the company of your neighbours. Featuring over 40 free performances a night, from all corners of the globe – from Bollywood dancers to a Mariachi band, and almost everything in between – you’ll also be able to indulge in some delicious, smoky, warm fare from some of your favourites, including Limp Briskit, The Soup Factory and Frencheese. Light up your night as Docklands is taken over by fire. Flame jets, fire drums and nightly fireworks are sure to keep you warm.

Why: Experience the joy of seeing your neighbours so close to a raging fire with none of the potential criminal liability.

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