Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 21/10/2018

Get ready to meld your senses into a glorious explosion of sound, performance and light shows to artistically blur the bounds of reality. Oh yeah. And there’s also Taylor Swift concert.


10) Vovo Awards

27th October

An annual celebration of the voice-over artist. You know, those people you simultaneously wish were dead or Woody Allen?


9) Blind Insight ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Open Your Eyes’

25th October

“Short contemporary dance works that will expand your vision”. It’s not the newest proclamation, is it? We’ve always felt when watching contemporary dance that we have no idea where to look and, also, why in the hell should we even be watching this?‘Don’t-Be-Afraid-to-Open-Your-Eyes’/31abcb00-d4ed-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


8) Newlands Fringe

26th October

Come to new lands. Sorry, Newlands. This isn’t a cult. This is a one-day celebration of live performance and light shows that’ll have you thinking ‘at least cults don’t charge you for attacking the deli spread’.


7) Design of Politics – Politics of Design

24th October

German architect and professional provocateur Friedrich von Borries talks about operating between the blurring border of fiction and reality in his work“. Look, we’re giving you your intellectual tonic for the week, Melbourne. And there’s nothing more progressive than German experimental art. They’re really trying their best to stop us from instinctively thinking “Hitler, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler….”.


6) Game Connect Asia Pacific

23rd & 24th October

Another one for the gamers, though, in this case, it’s for the developers of said games. Again, this is even less one of our fortes, however, we won’t deny that it is important to us to promote the upkeep of quality ways in which pent-up rage can be worked out in a way that doesn’t promote yoga.


5) Failed Space by Benjamin Cittadini

25th October

This immersive exhibition explores the spaces of Footscray through objects of failed public designation”. Finally, a way to stick it to the man. And by the man we mean Footscray’s moronic planning council.


4) Seensound – Experimental Synaesthesia

27th October

Let go of the bounds between vision and sound experience and melt your senses into an experimental synaesthesia performance. Kind of like when all old movie theatres were absorbed into a big conglomerate and the massively increased sound projected around what used to be a family theatre had the potential to explode the brains of small children. Which…you know…we’re not saying is a bad thing. What we’re saying is, for the love of hell, don’t bring your bloody infants to a movie theatre.


3) EB Expo

26th-28th October

An expo for the gamers. There’s not much more here to say, but, though we aren’t actively on the gamer scene, it’s nice to think that people are able to work out their caveman-like violent competitive instincts in a way that doesn’t affect our lives in any sense.


2) Kyneton Music Festival

26th & 27th October

Okay, we’ll be honest. Kyneton is just one of those place names we’ll never remember how to pronounce. But we’re not worried, this three day music festival is hosting a whole lot of new acts we can’t pronounce either. So, just keep your mouth shut and pretend to appreciate new music.


1) Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

26th October

Yes. She’s here. Can we move on?

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