Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 21/04/2019

This week contains a rite of passage. Suing a local council over the accidental ingestion of a plastic egg.


10) Melbourne’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt

21st April

What: Put on your hunting gloves, grab a basket and go hunting. Once you have collected the special Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny will be able to unlock the vault to your Easter Eggs. Each child that purchases a ticket will be able to collect plastic easter eggs in a basket provided.

Why: Little children who don’t have to capacity to realise that the plastic eggs are merely representations of the potential edible reward? Lawyer up. There’s liability-based money to be made, here.’s-Biggest-Easter-Egg-Hunt/6f419a30-61a1-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Handmade Bicycle Show

26th April

What: Featuring the finest makers of bespoke bicycles and accessories from around Australia and beyond. The makers will also be in attendance to talk about their craft. This is an opportunity to savour the craft of handmade bicycles and mingle with the legends of the industry. Great food, coffee, beer and wine will also be on offer as a fitting accompaniment to the bicycles and accessories on show, making for a perfect evening or day out.

Why: Good call on the alcohol supply. If you’re spending a whole day appreciating the craft of bicycle-making you need something to fill the aching chasm of loneliness inside you.


8) Easter Sunday Crab and Cray Cray

21st April

What: Make it a CRAY Easter celebration with Chin Chin’s Easter Sunday Crab + Cray Cray! Join Executive Head Chef Benjamin Cooper as he prepares a mind-blowing shared feast guaranteed to bring out your shell-fish side.

Why: It’s a night of arrant gluttony but, you know, it’s from the ocean. So morally you’re still in the black. Technically.


7) Sugar…Speakeasy Saloon

27th April

What: “Let the giggle water flow, have a little fun; the fuzz can’t shut us down. On a toot or out for just on cocktail, we have the underground night for you. DJs from deep house to electroswing will get you moving and entertainment that is.. simply… the bees knees!” Ankle on down to Amelia Shaw for a night like no other – 1920’s theme gone wild.

Why: Prohibition-era historians so rarely reference the prevalence of deep house raves.…Speakeasy-Saloon/5bf97770-61a3-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Fitzroy Pop-Up Market

27th April

What: Over 70 stalls of artisan gifts, fresh produce, delicious food, vintage goods, flowers, pre-loved treasures, coffee, craft beer, live music and more!

Why: A microcosm of Melbourne. With somehow more hipsters per square metre.


5) Kingsday Melbourne

26th April

What: Kingday is THE biggest national holiday of the Netherlands. Come and celebrate the King’s birthday, dress in orange, get together, dance ‘polonaise’ eat ‘broodje kroket’ and drink lots of beers. Enjoy a delicious ‘broodje kroket’ and other Dutch delicacies. Do a little dance, have a chat, learn Dutch and let kids enjoy some typical Dutch games. Dance to the beats of Dutch DJ’s Sorriento and more! Get your ‘polonaise’ skills going and dive into the Dutch grooves.

Why: Because the only way to experience a country that is slamming shut their borders faster than they’re slamming advocaat is at a cafe in Melbourne.


4) Pinots on Parade: A Pinot Noir Wine Tasting Event

27th April

What: Pinot-philes gather round and indulge your desires! Spend a glorious afternoon dedicated solely to exploring what many consider to be the most elegant and complex red wine in the world. Join Carboot Wines at Aromi and taste Pinots Noir from around the world – with premium examples from Burgundy, Oregon, Germany, Italy, NZ and across Australia.

Why: ‘Pinot-phile’. We just love finding alternative terms for rampant alcoholism.


3) GoNagambie Festival

25th April

What: GoNagambie Festival is a celebration of the three F’s – Fishing, Fireworks and Family Fun! Rally up the family and gather your mates for a fun-filled ANZAC Day long weekend. Featuring everything from activities that will leave the kids entertainment for hours, to a regional showcase full of food, wine and entertainment program going long into the night! This inaugural event has something for everyone!

Why: Bring your war vet relations. The real show begins when the sky starts exploding and the PTSD kicks in.


2) Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival

26th-28th April

What: Featuring over 350 of the best tattoo artists from Australia and across the globe. With a focus on creative talent, the line-up includes 350+ of Australia and the World’s best Tattoo Artists Tattooing Live, Huge Giveaways and Prizes across the weekend and Retail Vendors with awesome Tattoo related gear.

Why: A whole festival dedicated to the worst part of a hangover.


1) Melbourne International Comedy Festival

21st April

What: An annual event, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival literally takes over Australia’s comedy capital, Melbourne, each autumn with an enormous program of stand-up comedy, cabaret, theatre, street performance, film, television, radio and visual arts.

Why: Laugh with something other than bitter resentment. Unless you accidentally bought tickets to Dave Hughes.

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