Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 19/05/2019

This week’ll tickle your little grey cells. That’s the sensation you get when you drink too much wine.


10) Melbourne Photowalk: Laneways, Federation Square & Southbank at Sunset

25th May

What: Photograph the heart and soul of Melbourne’s popular laneways, iconic Federation Square and Southbank precincts in 1 Saturday afternoon of adventure with your DSLR camera. Spend the afternoon as a tourist in your own city showcasing all its character and charm.

Why: Like Instagram but with a 2 kilo weight strapped around your neck (that isn’t a desperate need for validation).


9) Bruised Food Lab Event: ASMR Symphony Banquet

23rd May

What: Careful Whispers is an in-gallery experimentation, composition and choreography of a three-course meal towards a performative acoustic banquet by eight diners. The work relies on a folding of the symphony of outward sounds emanating from mastication amplified in the space of the gallery.

Why: Live mastication. It’s…not as sexy as it sounds.


8) Above Board Takeover at Iki-jime

25th May

What: If you’ve managed to find the nondescript, unmarked door down a graffiti covered Melbourne laneway, then you’ve likely enjoyed an intimate evening sipping cocktails at Above Board. Owner and Founder of Above Board Hayden Lambert and Iki-jime’s own Head Chef James Cornwall have collaborated on a four-course seafood dinner with thoughtfully curated and matched cocktails.

Why: And if you’ve managed to find the nondescript, unmarked door down a graffiti covered Bendigo laneway, you know you’re not in Melbourne anymore.


7) Cellar Raiders Long Lunch

24th May

What: Darren Davis knows how to host a long lunch, and after almost 20 years he is finally taking them around the country! With an amazing cellar amassed over a few decades of fine wine retail, restaurant & hotel ownership, he is now depleting it by sharing it’s gems with friends – old & new.

Why: Never name your son Darren. He won’t just steal your finest wines, he’ll use them to buy the love he never received from you.


6) Perfectly Paired: A Food and Wine Event by Adam Liaw & Brown Brothers

23rd May

What: An evening of fine food and wine, matching the Brown Brothers 1889 wine range to an Asian-inspired menu. Chefs Adam Liaw, Stuart McVeigh and Broadsheet Kitchen resident chef Matti Fallon have created an Asian-inspired menu, designed to pair perfectly to the Brown Brothers 1889 wines.

Why: A lesson in branding: Don’t name an alcohol after a colour heavily featured in ones toilet 12 hours after its consumption.


5) Smashed Grapes: Pinot Noir Edition

25th May

What: Taste drops from a diverse range of Australian climates and learn about them directly from the producers themselves. The heroes will be smashable, well made and weird wines that are more than just a damn good drop.

Why: We accept no liability for the violent turn the night tends to take after over-consumption of wine described as ‘smashable’.


4) Miz Cracker One Woman Show: American Woman

24th May

What: Cracker will use comedy and performance to open a discussion upon the way in which drag queens and gay men can become better allies to women in an age where feminism is more important than ever.

Why: An event concerning feminism that is legitimately enjoyable.


3) Feast High Country Festival

20th May

What: The very best of Victoria’s High Country’s renowned food and drinks will be showcased in a packed program of events that will celebrate both the outstanding natural beauty of the mountains, valleys, vineyards and villages of the region and the incredibly talented makers who bring it to your table. This year features such events as the Grand Opening Dinner, Fermentation Degustation, the Longest Lunch, Winemaker Smackdown, Tweed Ride, Brewer’s Breakfast, Twilight Apple Pick & Pie, Natural Highs on Horseback, The Amazing Race and many more!

Why: Ahh, the high country. If you can afford to make it to this festival, how about lending us a fiver, you uppity twit?


2) APIA Good Times Tour 

25th May

What: The 7th Apia Good Times Tour will be the biggest yet with performances from Allstars Vika and Linda Bull, Brian Cadd, Joe Camilleri, Kate Ceberano, Russell Morris, Ross Wilson and John Paul Young for this unique, once-in-a-lifetime concert experience.

Why: Hey kid, wanna see a dead body? How bout seven?


1) Melbourne Knowledge Week

20th-26th May

What: For thinkers, innovators, explorers, the curious and the carefree, Melbourne Knowledge Week is the place to share knowledge and create a new future, together. With nearly 100 events, the 2019 program will be the most ambitious to date.

Why: You know society is reaching true enlightenment when they have to dedicate a specific week to the acquirement of knowledge and it still seems a little excessive.

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