Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 18/11/2018

Shhh. Do you hear that? The trees are whispering to each other. No…wait. That’s moronic. You’re just wasted on bourbon.


10) We Have Culture

24th November

Come along for a superb night of entertainment, food and drinks in a great venue to celebrate all things Macedonian including premium Macedonian alcohol, paired gourmet Macedonian food and live Balkan entertainment.

Nothing says party time like dancing to the reconstituted techno sounds of the bloody collapse of the Ottoman empire.


9) Voices of Resistance

18th November

Labor rights activist Sheung So from Hong Kong, and anti-mining activist Millicent Shungube from South Africa, both incredible women working to defend peoples’ rights from the abuses of big business, will be discussing their experiences and making you feel more inadequate than you ever thought possible.


8) Anthony Puharich Presents: MEAT

18th November

To celebrate the launch of MEAT, Anthony Puharich of famed Australian butchery, Victor Churchill, invites you to join him at Kisumé for an exclusive four-course lunch. Nothing justifies an eventual coronary bypass graft like a book launch with a gourmet chef.


7) Worlds Within Worlds – Why Listen To Plants?

22nd November

“Microbial existence also necessitates a listening that becomes specific, attuning with sensitivity to the cellular expressions of the imperceptible and the infinitesimal.” It’s basically a music, dance and food and drink event based on the bullshit notion that listening to plants will allow us to “deepen our listening, via conviviality and music”. We did say there’ll be drinks.


6) Melbourne Night Noodle Markets

19th-25th November

An 18-day night market set at Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr featuring a plethora of Asian-inspired street food including Miso Fresh Food Truck, Bao Brothers, Oriental Tea House and live music. Don’t be misled by the name ‘Night Noodle Markets’. We’ve already explained that this is a family event, you filthy thing. The best prostitutes are on Top Street, South Melbourne.


5) Maker’s Mark Private Select Release Tasting

21st November

A private tasting with Bill Bewsher of the entire Maker’s Mark bourbon whisky range with a BBQ feast and a complimentary bottle of the water of life to end the night. Well we say end the night. What we really mean is begin the overnight process of puking up vast quantities whisky and Bluebonnet Barbecue.’s-Mark-Private-Select-Release-Tasting/c2ec3840-e9ea-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


4) A Weekend in the Gardens

19th November

It’s the second anniversary of the boutique music festival that takes place in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. A three-day concert featuring food, drinks, and, this year, the talents of renowned artist Paul Kelly as well as Steve Earle and Middle Kids. You get all the street-cred of saying you went to a music festival. You don’t have to mention it was in a garden with Paul Kelly.


3) Anh Do: The Happiest Refugee Live

24th November

He’s the comedian that you introduced to your racist grandmother in an attempt to assure her that not all non-white people are actively monsters. It didn’t work, but at least you got a laugh out of it.


2) Don’t Think Launch Party

24th November

Don’t Think crew is presenting their first Solo (and legal) open air day party at the Fitzroy Beer Garden. At the very least it’s way to switch up your regular day drinking that usually consists of chugging whisky in the office toilet.’t-Think-Launch-Party/d199cba0-e9e5-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Melbourne Music Week

19th-24th November

Melbourne Music Week is coming! It’s a nine-day celebration of the city’s thriving, world-renowned music scene, set in various performance venues, pubs and bars around Melbourne. The city will once again be alive with the newest experimental, folk, electro, rock, indie, pop and RnB artists doing their best to mitigate the horror of that thing that Americans call ‘Katy Perry’.

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