Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 17/02/2019

Brush up on your horticulture, Melbourne. You’ll need something mind-altering to get through the contemporary art exhibitions.


10) Glory Box: Comedy Festival Trial Show

20th February

What: Trial shows of a new stand-up comedy show, Glory Box by Melbourne comedian, Soina Di Iorio. In preparation for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sonia will be performing three work in progress shows.

Why: It’s free. You get to judge someone at their most vulnerable. Whilst drinking and claiming to support the arts.


9) Morning Tea with Artist Cyrus Tang

23rd February

What: Tang is a Melbourne-based artist whose practice explores the beauty of various materials by incorporating permanent and ephemeral materials like clay, ash, water, steam and human hair, which develop a visual representation reflecting on the notion of nostalgia, memory and absence.

Why: Or instead of going to this exhibition with all the pressure of finding something valid to say about contemporary art, go visit your geriatric relative. The look pretty much like clay already and you can spend the time working out how best to bleed them financially dry before they graduate to ash.


8) Total Capture: An Interrogation of Intelligence Power

20th February

What: Experience Total Capture, a narrative audio work with live interventions, presented as a counter-intelligence interrogation in four acts. Developed in collaboration between artist/composer Daniel Jenatsch and writer/researcher Samuel Forsythe, the work is informed by Jenatsch’s major commission The Sheraton Hotel Incident 2018.

Why: It’s contemporary art. Interactive contemporary art. We know. We didn’t think it could get any worse either.


7) Collingwood Wellness Market

23rd February

What: With a focus on wellness and an ensemble of Melbourne’s finest art, craft, jewellery, fashion & health stalls we bring you a boutique experience. Come for the stallholders, stay for the atmosphere and live music and leave with a sense of a morning well spent.

Why: Because if there’s one thing that Melbourne is sorely lacking it’s a boutique experience.


6) Eltham Jazz, Food & Wine Festival

23rd February

What: This free festival, held across Eltham town centre, features over 30 of the best established and up-and-coming jazz, blues, swing and soul acts. On top of the great entertainment, there will be a mouth-watering selection of gourmet foods and locally produced wine, beer and cider available.

Why: Jazz, blues, swing, soul, general gluttony? We can’t think of a single thing wrong with this…oh. Yeah it’s child-friendly. Sorry.


5) City Cellar Door presents The Spirit Fair

23rd February

What: As City Cellar Door takes it’s annual break for vintage, Cumulus Up. introduces ‘The Spirit Fair’ – an event to celebrate the exciting and diverse industry that is Australian-made spirits and liqueurs.  Enjoy a welcome cocktail on arrival before touring around the the second floor wine bar, Cumulus Up, tasting the wares from some of the finest spirit producers in Australia. Tickets include a suitably soak-able dish from the Cumulus Up. kitchen – think a slow roast suckling pig roll or the signature confit duck waffle.

Why: Finally. You don’t have to pretend that your liver still considers wine a worthy foe.


4) MWFF 2019 Opening Night: Freaky, Fantastic & Feminist

21st February

What: An Indigenous horror story. A woman versus car fetishists. The takedown of a biotechnology lab. Welcome to the freaky, fantastic + feminist!

Why: The most brilliant way to justify violent bloodlust? The mantle of a legitimate movement (feminism).


3) The Prosecco Festival 

23rd February

What: This unique event brings together Italian and local Prosecco producers, as well as a Spritz Bar, wines by the glass, information on food matches and great tunes to get you in the mood. With over 45 different Proseccos to try there’s one to suit every palate!

Why: Experience what it’s like to be ‘middle-aged housewife in a dead marriage’ drunk.


2) Brewers Feast: Craft Beer, Food and Music Festival 

23rd February

What: Melbourne’s boutique craft beer, food and music festival is back at the Abbotsford Convent showcasing the finest craft beer from around Australia. With Bintani Festival Beers returning in 2019, get set to try 15+ festival exclusive beers, sip and savour these unique brews created specially for Brewers Feast.

Why: What differentiates an addict from a connoisseur? Why the words ‘craft’ and ‘festival’ of course! Though for extra insurance you might want to grow a moustache and purchase a fedora.


1) Plant Tales and Cold Ales

19th February

What: An evening for plant lovers, by plant lovers, hear from a collective of designers, musicians, mixologists and artists alike on how the power of plants inspire their creative craft. Hidden in a Brunswick carpark beside the train tracks, Howler’s secret garden will be serving up some of the city’s best cold ales and plant-based eats. So green out and celebrate all things leafy!

Why: There’s something for everyone. Except children. You’re welcome.

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