Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 15/07/2018

A storm’s coming, Melbourne. Better Instagram as many pictures of yourself looking pensive at a range of different galleries now so at least you’ll die an ‘intellectual’.


10) Creative Collaborations Conference

20th July

Exploring creative diversity and indigenous culture in the VET sector. Yeah. You can chalk this up in your moral quota for this week. Pictures allowed, so make sure you get evidence that you were there.


9) Kirtan and Meditation at Gokula

15th July

Ah, Yogic wisdom. For some, there’s no greater spiritual cleansing. Though if you’re strapped for time pounding about five laxatives usually does the trick.


8) Afternoon Tea at Gordon Culinary School

20th July

Sip tea, eat delicacies. Finally, those damn college kids are serving some kind of purpose. ‘Thomas! My dessert spoon has been sullied. Another!’


7) Contemporary Hybrids: Ronnie van Hout Talk

20th July

He’s been called ‘a master of slapstick existentialism’. No, they didn’t save Curly’s brain. But this guy here, he’s still pretty screwed up. Come and meet him. There’ll be “smoking, drinking, pyjama-wearing child-adults on toilets“. And appetisers. Lotsa appetisers.


6) Lynch Exhibition

20th July

Lebron James? Jimi Hendrix? Natalie Portman? “See cool s#!t. Stay warm”. That’s how he describes it.


5)┬áMeet The Painter – Stephen Giblett

19th July

In the nite, the beasts hunt. Catch ’em in the act. It’s really something to see a beast with his butt in the air half way through a rabbit’s half masticated colon. Encounter the artist’s work in its liminal stage. There’ll be more than one insecure, blushing poser at this soiree.


4) Dead Letter Club July Edition

19th July

It’s time. Time for revenge upon those bloody dawn-breaking cockatoos. Suit up and stay low. You’ll need at least five good strong freshly plucked tail-feather quills to gain entry into this one.


3) Soiree for Incorrigible Creatives

20th July

Come on, baby. One more time. Better bring some gatorade. The creative juices won’t just be flowing. It’ll be a freaking monsoon.


2) Hot Chilli HWKR

18th July

Spackle your sphincters, Melbourne. It’s gonna get real hot up in here…then down there.


1) STORM: Colliding Art and Biomedicine

21st July

They say opposites attract. Other, less moronic people say that measuring art and biomedicine on a comparative scale is ridiculously myopic and nonsensical on its face. Either way, you’re gonna see some pretty spectacular things.

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