Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 14/10/2018

Stock up on Aerogard, Melbourne. Your city is infested with bugs. Tricky little bastards.


10) Italiano Day

14th October

Yeah…you can guess this one, pretty much. A celebration at Preston Market of Italian culture. You know. That cheese and bread item you cram down your face every night to mitigate what the Scottish culture has done to you.


9) Melbourne Waterbug Blitz: Dragonfly Festival

20th October

Ever heard the phrase, “but what about the waterbugs?”. A phrase as old as time, as they say. A festival with food, drink and live music wherein you can sort through waterbug samples and learn about identification and wider waterway health challenges. That took a left turn, didn’t it?


8) Gemini Melbourne

20th October

Ah. Star signs. The ultimate expression of egoistic human idiocy. But this is not what it appears to be. This is a two-day mini festival exploring the idea of space and the space industry. Didn’t see that coming, did you?


7) Berwick VIP Festival

19th October

Roam the streets of Berwick with a festival including food, makeup workshops, styling events and specials on retail shopping. Think of it like…The most wonderfully deceptive to empty you of your meagre earnings.


6) OcTolbo

20th October

Not a typo, no. A day-to-night-to day celebration of live music in a small country hotel. We know it sounds like the plot of a horror film, and we can’t promise you won’t be violently murdered by a backwoods survivalist, but we’re pretty sure that won’t happen.


5) Tastes of the Goulburn

20th October

Winemakers, brewers, restaurateurs, producers, distillers, growers, chef’s, musicians and entertainers jam pack Seymour’s heritage lined Station Street to showcase their produce and talents. ” That’s pretty much the gist of it. Oh yes, and it is family friendly. So, I mean, the train’s right there. It’s quite easy in all the hubbub of the festival to…just let the doors slide closed on your…obligations.


4) Uncorked

20th October

There never was a lovelier word, was there? Well, perhaps benign. A festival of wines and farm fresh produce with a marriage leant. We assume getting that sloshed is probably the only valid reason to get married. A spare liver.


3) Tesselaar Tulip Festival

24th October

An Alice in Wonderland-esque tea party in a field of blooming tulips. A day of such beauty will surely make up for the ugliness of what you did the night before and why it required so many pickles and lego.


2) Connoisseur Discovery Festival

20th October

Well, we’re discovering things already. For example, how to spell ”connoisseur’. A festival held in the meat market celebrating Melbourne’s newest designers, artists chefs and musicians.


1) Cheap Trick Tour 

15th October

Surrender to the dream police. They want you to want them.

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