Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 12/08/2018

We’ve been soft on you in the past, Melbourne. Too soft. This week, you’re going to learn something, dammit. You’re going to learn hard. Also, Bob Dylan’s here.


10) MelbourneEast Arts Festival 

10th-19th August

Missed the city-wide one? Relax, we’ve got your Instagram covered. Just bring your fully charged phone and stock up on enough hipster credit to last you for the next six months. The festival opens with a live performance and features surrealist works, abstract sculpture and a two-hour sketch-walk around East Melbourne.


9) Melbourne Home Show

16th August

It’s time to stop thinking that peeling Back to the Future poster qualifies as wallpaper, kids. 4 days of the latest building and reno products from 250 brands all under one roof that, even though it’s basically a massive warehouse, is still more visually appealing even when empty than what you’ve decided to call your ‘dining room’.


8) Underground Movement Exhibition

6th-25th August

Underground. Metal. But this time, no chance of ruining your eardrums or getting fleeced by a guy called soul eater for what turned out not to be party drugs but tablets of Splenda. “Underground Movement is an exhibition of jewellery by e.g.etal artists, reflecting on Melbourne as a city of flux and flow. Each piece in this collection celebrates the beauty of movement, change and transformation – as Melbourne’s subterranean spaces are being hollowed out and re-imagined, addressing the issues of a growing population”.


7) Run The World Female Entrepreneurs Conference

18th August

Yeah. Don’t worry. You won’t have to hear that freaking Beyonce song. This, the ninth annual conference for the League of Extraordinary Women, will encompass a series of talks and opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs under the theme of Manifestation.


6) TEDxMelbourne – The Great Unknown

13th August

‘The Great Unknown’ – at the Meat Market. Look, it’s a TED talk. But it’s a power-TED talk. It lasts for just a day and the line up features faith in science, designer immortality, memory in a world of big data, the taboos of death, accountants and violinists. Meaning a one-day investment and a whole year’s reward of appearing cultured at parties.


5) Humans 2.0

15th August

Admit it. You were obsolete at best even before the flood of the potentials of AI hit the pop culture world. So, you might as well become well-versed in what it will mean to be human in the next century…you know…so at least you’ll have awareness of your pointlessness in your arsenal.


4) Chinese Valentine’s Day – QiXi Festival

17th-18th August

Here it is! And you thought there was only one day a year when your vast lonely depression hits you right in your most tender area. “A celebration of love and fun, featuring food stalls, performances, activities and events”. And depression. Did we mention that? Mind-numbing depression.’s-Day-QiXi-Festival/cf8c33e0-9ddf-11e8-a7fe-5787bc7ecd7b


3) Think Inc: Cornel West & Douglas Murray: Polarised

14th August

Think Inc thought you’d like to see a fight“. Oh yeah, that’s how they’ve begun their description of this one. Dr West critic of both racism and class will come up against conservative gay conservative political commentator.


2) Melbourne International Film Festival: Inspire Me Program

3rd-19th August

Don’t worry, this isn’t your traditional ‘inspire me’ bollocks. This is the MIFF, so when they say you’ll be inspired, they mean Joan Jett, LGBTQIA+ Seniors, punk rock feminists, french revolutionaries, tomboys in hijabs, witches, faggots, dykes and poofters.


1) Bob Dylan and His Band

13th & 14th August

Oh, we don’t need to sell you on this one. You’ve already bought the ticket.

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