Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 12/05/2019

Here come the blues. Better known as the whirlwind of judgement and post-menopausal depression that is your mother. Perhaps we can help you weather the storm. Or at least momentarily distract it.


10) Picturing Footscray Photography Prize

16th May

What: Established in 2016, Picturing Footscray invites photographers of all capabilities to explore the streets of Footscray. This year, West Envy is the guiding theme. What does Footscray have that other places don’t? View all of the interpretations in this major salon-style exhibition held at VU at MetroWest.

What: Yeah, we were disappointed too. But that’s not to say a photographic exploration of a somewhat overlooked culturally rich section of Melbourne culture won’t be as interesting as a hall crammed with foot-fetish art. …You’re right. It won’t be.


9) Buddha’s Day & Multicultural Festival 

18th May

What: The 2-day festival celebrates Buddha’s birthday and the diversity of our multicultural and multi-faith society through traditional Buddhist Ceremonies, arts, music, cultural performances, social and spiritual well-being lectures, world peace prayers, blessing ceremonies, children’s activities, vegetarian food and much more.

Why: A chance for all you statisticians to record the meteoric rise in white people with dreadlocks wearing harem pants and mispronouncing a foreign language whilst appearing possessed.’s-Day-and-Multicultural-Festival-2019/a78bbd80-7092-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


8) ‘Young & Queer’ Book + Exhibition Launch

17th May

What: The Minus18 youth answer the question: what does it actually mean to be young and queer in Australia today? The launch of Young & Queer will feature gorgeous photographs by Alexis Desaulniers-Lea of the young people featured in the book, along with an acoustic performance by Sienna Rose, and party-starting tunes via DJ Gay Dad.

Why: Yes, we know. It involves a book. But look at it this way: the majority of the book is pictures and you’re generally a terrible person. This a chance to appear intellectually complex and somewhat balance the scales of your own morality.’Young-and-Queer’-Book-+-Exhibition-Launch/87b94440-7093-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


7) Exclusive Henschke & Bollinger Wine Event

16th May

What: A fabulous night of high-end wines paired with a 5 course menu. There’ll be giveaways and the availability to order Bollinger & Henschke at well below retail price. A brilliant night out with friends.

Why: If you can pronounce ‘Henschke’ 2 hours into the night we’re pretty sure that entitles you to one of the higher-valued giveaways.


6) Japanese Victory

12th May

What: Japanese Victory is a collaboration between Tamura Sake bar, French Chef Yuta Funaoka (From Japan) & Sakemate Melbourne. This private dining experience offers a Japanese x French gourmet experience with matching Sake, Japanese wine & cocktails.

Why: You know what pairs perfectly with heavy, buttery, cream-based sea meat dishes? Liquor made from virgin spit.


5) Insane In The Yeast Strain

17th May

What: A FREE beer tasting get-together featuring brews crafted by local legends from the Merri Mashers Brew club using Tallboy & Moose wort and some fresh, locally grown, live-liquid yeast strains from Bluestone Yeast.

Why: So apparently this isn’t a support group for the chronically infected. Although, if you consider alcoholism an infection, then we can’t really fault the promoters entirely.


4) Abita Brews & Live Blues

15th May

What: A relaxing evening of New Orleans brews and LIVE blues. The night presents a set showcase of four beers from Abita brewing with some never seen before in Australia, available to purchase.

Why: Nothing so encapsulates the joyous nature of chronic alcoholism like Blues music.


3) Gin Making with Brogan: Mother’s Day Treat

12th May

What: Brogan will guide you through her approach to developing new gins, her way of selecting botanicals and the Brogan’s Way gin making process before you get to join her in making a “micro” batch of gin in her mini benchtop R&D still. Once the distillation is underway you will get the chance to taste all the gins she has produced in the first year.

Why: Remember when your mum taught you the secret family cookie recipe? No? Well, remember when she used to come home every night reeking of gin and yelling at you that you were a vile disappointment? This Mother’s Day, why not share in a moment of nostalgia?’s-Day-Treat/08854320-7095-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


2) Feast High Country Festival 

12th-20th May

What: The very best of Victoria’s High Country’s renowned food and drinks will be showcased in a packed program of events that will celebrate both the outstanding natural beauty of the mountains, valleys, vineyards and villages of the region and the incredibly talented makers who bring it to your table. This year features such events as the Grand Opening Dinner, Fermentation Degustation, the Longest Lunch, Winemaker Smackdown, Tweed Ride, Brewer’s Breakfast, Twilight Apple Pick & Pie, Natural Highs on Horseback, The Amazing Race and many more!

Why: Ahh, the high country. If you can afford to make it to this festival, how about lending us a fiver, you uppity twit?


1) Good Beer Week

12th-19th May

What: It is Australia’s preeminent beer event, the biggest single platform for local brewers and beer businesses to showcase themselves to a broad audience. This year’s highlights include Good Beer Mates London Hub, Boatrocker Beer School, Pint of Origin and, as always, the mainstage Festival Hub.

Why: It’s no longer a severe personal problem. It’s state-sanctioned binge drinking.

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