Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 11/11/2018

We wouldn’t want to pigeonhole you, Melbourne, but you haven’t made it easy. Come on, a Remedy Kombucha Garden? It’s like you want us to pigeonhole you Matcha-guzzling hipsters.


10) Wanderlust 108 

17th November

Experience the world’s first mindful triathlon, featuring a 5km run/walk, a DJ-powered yoga session, and guided meditation, as well as a festival vibe with health and wellness workshops, the Kula Markets filled with food and products from local artisans and the Remedy Kombucha Garden. And, for all you interesting people, there’s a bar just down the street that has no windows so you can forget that people who would willingly do yoga next to something called a Remedy Kombucha Garden exist.


9) National Recycling Week Clothing and Book Swap Party

16th November

It’s National Recycling Week and Whittlesea is celebrating with a mass clothing and book swap. Bring your old clothes and books and find some new pieces! There’ll be food and a fun community vibe. And thousands upon thousands of new species of mold to discover. Just on the off-chance there are any mycologists reading this.



8) Smash Mouth

17th November

Californian rockers, Smash Mouth, have just announced they will return to Australia with a tour of their classic hits such as ‘All Star’. They rode the wave of the 90’s ‘alternative’ music scene, the 2000’s wave of Shrek and now they’re washing up on our shores. Bloated, pasty, riddled with mold and ripe for an autopsy.


7) Melbourne Night Noodle Markets

12th-25th November

An 18-day night market set at Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr featuring a plethora of Asian-inspired street food including Miso Fresh Food Truck, Bao Brothers, Oriental Tea House and live music. Don’t be misled by the name ‘Night Noodle Markets’. We’ve already explained that this is a family event, you filthy thing. The best prostitutes are on Top Street, South Melbourne.



16th November

NODE is a one-day festival and conference that brings together the best in Australasian Motion Design and Animation to share their work, industry insights and creative inspiration with professionals and aspiring filmmakers and new media artists. There’ll be screenings, talks, and industry tips followed by a boozy after-party wherein the conference speakers and pros will share a couple of drinks with you, then a couple more, then finally collapse, weeping onto your shoulder and screaming ‘my mother was right, I should’ve gone to law school’.


5) Going Down Swinging Launches ‘Pigeonholed’

16th November

Grub Bookstore is celebrating the launch of their newest genre edition book called Pigeonholed – a compilation of the literary talents of authors Claire G. Coleman, Shaun Tan, Patrick Lenton, Anna Spargo-Ryan, Scott Wings, Bruce Oakman and Melissa Keil featuring zombies, fanfiction, ornithology, YA and more. Come on down to the Grub for a glass of wine, a book launch, and the comforting delusion that perhaps the written word isn’t dead. You…might have to have more than one glass of wine. Bottles are technically made of glass, right?


4) The Catherine Tate Show Live

15th & 17th November

Award-winning comedian and actor, Catherine Tate is taking her comedy sketch TV show on the road in a series of live performances featuring never before-seen-sketches of some of her most famous characters such as Nan’ Taylor, Irish nurse Bernie, Geordie Georgie and Essex girl Sam. So, if you’re one of those people that can stomach a whole 2 hours of a one-person sketch show live…we truly envy your patience.


3) A Weekend in the Gardens 

17th-19th November

It’s the second anniversary of the boutique music festival that takes place in the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. A three-day concert featuring food, drinks, and, this year, the talents of renowned artist Paul Kelly as well as Steve Earle and Middle Kids. You get all the street-cred of saying you went to a music festival. You don’t have to mention it was in a garden with Paul Kelly.


2) Melbourne Music Week

16th-24th November

Melbourne Music Week is coming! It’s a nine-day celebration of the city’s thriving, world-renowned music scene, set in various performance venues, pubs and bars around Melbourne. The city will once again be alive with the newest experimental, folk, electro, rock, indie, pop and RnB artists doing their best to mitigate the horror of that thing that Americans call ‘Katy Perry’.


1) Bill Murray New Worlds Tour

17th November

Legendary actor, comedian and all-round rogue Bill Murray is teaming up with virtuosic cellist Jan Vogler for a live performance that combines music and the art of words, discovering the artistic connections that have been fired between America and Europe and the rest of the world via American visionaries such as Twain and Hemingway, Bernstein and Gershwin. This is a live performance of artistic legacy. Note ‘artistic legacy’. We need not question the more troubling details of the personal lives of any of the roguish artists in this show. A cellist’s bow can be a pretty lethal weapon.

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