Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 10/03/2019

Download a new state of consciousness. One that doesn’t fear death from over-consumption of pork and whisky.


10) ‘Effloresce’: Photography Celebrating International Women’s Day

14th March

What: Photography Studies College (Melbourne) and the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre are delighted to invite you to this International Women’s Day photography exhibition featuring work by a selection of female students and graduates that celebrates their distinctive journeys.

Why: Take pictures of pictures as your moral tonic for the week. Hell, take a picture of yourself taking a picture of a picture featuring someone taking a picture and call it meta-feminism. We’re living in a time wherein ‘grrrl’ is a word popularly used by people of non-Welsh origin. Words are meaningless.’Effloresce’:-Photography-Celebrating-International-Women’s-Day/6d65ee00-4234-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Blurring The Line Between Art And Design

15th March

What: Join Kate Challis Interiors for an insightful discussion about the importance of creative collaboration, the art commissioning process and the benefits of an experimental approach to design.

Why: Discuss art in the bowels of the art piece itself. Like a pretentious intestinal bug.


8) Lilian Steiner and Rachel Arianne Ogle

15th March

What: Through masterful movement and evocative sonic landscapes Lilian Steiner leads us through memories of war and destruction, personal agency, passion and human empathy. And through Rachel Arianne Ogle’s piece, a single human body becomes an abstracted focal point — a disembodied drishti – within an unfolding science fiction odyssey, exploring states of transition and the synergy between light, sound and the body.

Why: Contemporary dance. We can’t help but appreciate how, through the finite amount of movements of which the body is capable, they manage to communicate an infinite amount of complex and differing assertions. Kind of like ‘Effing hell’ can mean ‘This is terrible’ or ‘Has it only been 2 minutes of this?’ or ‘How can I already be out of whisky? I brought a full bottle and she’s only been dancing for thirty seconds’.


7) Shapeshifters: New Forms of Curatorial Research

13th March

What: Shapeshifters is a two-day public symposium presenting research at the cutting edge of curatorial practice, including work on indigenous land rights, the threat and potential of eavesdropping, beholding through blindness, queering the curator and a biography of the nymph Daphne.

Why: Thought attempting to appreciate contemporary art was mind-numbingly pointless? How about two days of discussing where to place said contemporary art in an empty white room?


6) Art Forum with Eugenia Lim

14th March

What: Eugenia Lim is an Australian artist of Chinese–Singaporean descent who works across video, performance and installation to explore how national identities and stereotypes cut, divide and bond our globalised world. Her work has been exhibited internationally at festivals and venues. Come hear her discuss the importance of her work in relation to the contemporary climate.

Why: Or just visit your parents at their weekend family get-together. You’ll gain some pretty good insight as to the above dilemma, and come away with the knowledge that you never want to open that pandora’s box ever again.


5) Broadsheet’s Pranzo Italiano

16th March

What: To celebrate the launch of The Broadsheet Italian Cookbook, you’re invited to Broadsheet’s Pranzo Italiano: an Italian lunch celebration at Baby Pizza with food by Enrico Tomelleri of 10 William St, Francesco Castellana of Baby Pizza, Tony Nicolini of Italian Artisans, Lisa Valmorbida of Pidapipo, and cocktails by Michael Madrusan of The Everleigh.

Why: It’s technically a book. But it says the word bacon a lot and you don’t have to force yourself to have insights about anything more intense than canned versus fresh tomato. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate what is clearly an intellectual advancement by cramming your face with pizza?’s-Pranzo-Italiano/8cf4f9d0-422c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Welcome to the Atmosphere: Launch of Melbourne Design Week

16th March

What: As part of Melbourne Design Week 2019, Atmosphere is a 24-hour design experiment inspired by the culture, rituals and dynamics of saunas. The project merges wellness, design and culture to deconstruct the atmospheric elements of a sauna that contribute to both individual and social wellbeing. Through the manipulation of atmospheric elements, the prototype will apply social research to investigate aspects of human experience and how certain elements of an environment affect these experiences.

Why: Like any other sauna except no free-swinging geriatric genitalia. Hold on, wait. It is a contemporary new media design piece so for legal reasons we can’t actually promise you that.


3) Melbourne Holi Festival

10th March

What: Welcome to “The Australian Indian Innovations Incorporated” Melbourne Holi Festival (Festival of Colours)! The traditional festival features people chasing each other in the streets, fields, temples and buildings, armed with packets of dry coloured powder and splattering random people from head to toe in colours. It’s a free-for-all. It’s madness. And it’s really freaking fun! This version will feature scrumptious food by Melbourne’s various most famous food trucks, a massive DJ lineup , nonstop music and the fun of playing with powdered colour and water balloons!

Why: Finally. A night of cultural appropriation that leaves a more entertaining mark than the club that stamped your hand on their ‘Bollywood Fever’ night.


2) Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 

9th-24th March

What: Food and wine lovers in their hundreds and thousands each year indulge in bespoke events that fill Melbourne’s labyrinthine network of restaurants, laneways, lights-turned-down basements, dizzying rooftops as well as spilling into spectacular regional Victoria. The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is all about supporting and cultivating the very things that make Melbourne – and the surrounding regions – a gastronomic playground.

Why: Eat, drink and make merry. Consume laxatives, vomit whisky and regret your lifestyle choices. Repeat.


1) Download Festival 

11th March

What: Australia’s monster metal music festival featuring the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, two of the Big Four, with Slayer (on their final world tour) and Anthrax, Judas Priest, Alice in Chains, Ghost and loads more.

Why: It seems all the music legends are returning from the dead. But it’s not so jarring when they already spent their heyday simulating corpses. Just try to ignore the smell of real rotting flesh.

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