Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 09/12/2018

It’s time to lay back and reflect, Melbourne. Or just lay back. It’s easier to knock back the whisky in that position in order to delude yourself for another day that the world isn’t aflame.


10) David Wayman: Reflective Experience Photo Walk

9th December

What: David will talk about his Reflections art exhibition (a best selling show) at MAGNET Docklands then explore the reflective nature of Docklands on a photowalk with you. Bring your camera!

Why: Ah, they’re catching on to us. They’re already instructed you to bring your camera so you can get all the Instagram credit for attending something that oozes the image of intellect.


9) Exhibition Floor Talk: What’s The Obsession?

11th December

What: The exhibition ‘Obsession’ brings together a range of historical and contemporary works under three broad themes of still life, portraiture and landscape and asks: are we obsessed with precision and perfection?

Why: We don’t believe this is even a question that needs to be asked, to be honest. Just look at the state of our political climate. Clearly we are nothing if not obsessed with precision and perfection.’s-The-Obsession/88b09b60-fb49-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


8) The Second International Arts Education Festival

10th December

What: A festival bringing together artists of all generations to celebrate and exchange works of art. At the festival a handful of microfilm and exhibitions will be on display and various meditation and arts workshops will be held.

Why: Art? New age mindfulness? Meditation? Ah, the pretension trifecta.


7) AMD Dota 2 Pro Series Australia

9th December

What: Get excited for the ULTIMATE experience for gamers! The tournament will be sequenced across a series of online qualifiers, group stages and finally a two-day major event held at a world class venue where eight teams will compete for Oceania’s largest Dota 2.

Why: Well, just make sure you have a strong ego. Oh yeah, and try not to be female.


6) Free Screening: David Bowie’s Labyrinth

15th December

What: A night of cheap drinks, big screens, dance and Bowie.

Why: Oh, come on. We don’t need to sell you on this.’s-Labyrinth/e2f98d70-fb49-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


5) Stay Gold Comedy Launch featuring Dave Callan

9th December

What: Stay Gold Comedy brings the best established comics as well as some awesome up and coming comics to Brunswick. Headlining this comedy night is the incredible Dave Callan! You know Dave as star of Triple J radio and original Rove cast member.

Why: Rove. Remember Rove? Yeah. Us neither. We have a very vague image of a short man and…maybe Hamish and Andy were there.


4) Kings of Comedy 

14th December

What: A great way to see tomorrow’s comedy superstars on their way to the top, with a range of comedy styles to suit every taste. Previous headline acts include Dave O’Neil, Dave Hughes, Lehmo, Bob Franklin, Denise Scott and Fiona O’Loughlin.

Why: You’re already cackling into the mad abyss at the insanity of the world. You might as well do it in a socially acceptable manner.


3) Nepal Festival 

15th December

What: With the theme ‘One Country, Many Stories’, Nepal Festival Melbourne 2018 aims to bring the incredible stories of places, people, cultural heritage, festivals, food, music and sound of Nepal to Melbourne.

What: Before you go…just answer us this. What language do they speak in Nepal? You don’t know do you? Oh. You do know? Well you’re wrong. There are over 123 languages, you culturally ignorant moron.


2) ‘Sounds Of Africa’ SOA Festival

15th December

What: A family friendly event that is designed to be the Central Hub for African Music and Culture in Melbourne with DJs, live bands, dances, a drumming session, children’s workshops, beautiful African food, arts & crafts, games and drinks.

Why: Extend your knowledge of the concept of the ‘Sounds of Africa’ beyond the works of Toto.’Sounds-Of-Africa’-SOA-Festival-2018/85333140-fb45-11e8-b14f-a713526e5192


1) Shania Twain NOW Tour 

11th & 12th December

What: In celebration of Shania’s third consecutive #1 album – she brings her NOW Tour to Australia. Shania is a five-time Grammy Award-winner and the reigning Queen of Country Pop.

Why: It seems she’s still alive. Who knew? Yes, Twain is once again on tour. She’s “still the one”…the one out of many ageing remnants of the 80s desperately trying to cling on to relevance whilst they circle the inevitable eternal darkness.

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