Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 09/09/2018

The exits are located here, here and here, Melbourne. So wave goodbye to your familial and financial death-hole of an existence, because we’re talking you on a spontaneous cultural bender round the world.


10) Behind The Lines

18th Aug-15th Sep

Ah yes. Politics. Look, you have to face it sometime. And what better way than an exhibition of 2017s best political cartoons? So, what we’re saying is get your fill of righteous anger through a lens wherein there is absolutely no chance that the conservative party will be allowed to seem like they’re sane.


9) 100 Voices

13th September

Contemporary dance…bores the living hell out of us. So, when we say that this one is worth going to, you know we mean it’s your shot of intellectual credit for the week, Melbourne. A dance work exploring social injustice and the youth experience in Melbourne that’ll make you seem, in proof of pictures, like you’re open to new ideas and are not a shrivelled husk of what was once an idealistic youth.


8) Fantastic Feminist Folktales

15th September

Sure seems like a bloody folktale, doesn’t it? Why not go full pelt and just embrace the fact that in this current climate, feminism seems already to be the stuff of myth and legend in this performative feminist conception of the classic stories of Red Riding Hood, Joan of Arc and Demeter and Persephone.


7) Breathe Earth Collective

15th September

Did we say intellectual credit? Ha. Just you wait. For The Breathe Earth Collective will be descending upon RMIT to discuss their concepts of hybrid forests in the built environment. If this doesn’t make up for the fact that you have, by proxy, been responsible for melting at least one polar icecap with your all-night laser light tribute to Erasure party, we don’t know what will.


6) Sofra Turkish Festival

16th September

You know knowing of Turkish tradition. Bosver. Bosver! You know why we repeated that when you look up the phrase and…you know we’re not proud per se…but, come on, that Icelandic jam is forever stuck in everyone’s head. And we’re not NOT blaming John Travolta. But…we digress, yes. A day of food, dance, music and cultural displays celebrating Turkish culture (oh yeah, and you can finally culturally pinpoint one of your staple foods – gozleme).


5) Madman Anime Festival

15th-16th September

Spread those eyes wide, baby, and keep them open because the Madman Anime Festival is coming and you better have at least two permanent sparkles in both of your eyeballs or you’ll be refused entry. Bringing all things anime and Japanese culture to┬áMelbourne


4) Korean Film Festival

6th-13th September

From the grittiest, most violent, bloodiest most incestuously dark visions to uhh…K-pop… Look. What we’re saying here is go to this. Korean artistic expression is one of the most varied and intense experiences and you’ve re-watched Infinity War one too many times to be considered mentally healthy.


3) Rock En Tu Idioma

14th September

Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro! The best hits of Latin rock and Mexican rock will be setting Melbourne aflame and you better have your google translate out right now cause all you need to know is in that first little phrase we used.


2) Pop Up Brick Bar

10th-16th September

Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid. We’ve never picked up a real brick before either, and we sure as hell aren’t going to start now. Unless of course those bricks are made of burger meat and possibly legos. The pop-up, consisting of over 1 million building blocks featuring building block sculptures and a free form lego building pit with burgers and cocktails will have you severely questioning whether you’re allowed to use the term ‘lego’ without infringing on copyright.


1) Melbourne Fringe Festival

13th-30th September

Time to whip out those scissors, for its the only time wherein giving yourself a haircut will pass for ‘alternative’ rather than “I got drunk and wanted to find my best self”.

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