Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 07/07/2019

This week contains a rarity. Slam poetry that has been solicited.


10) NGV Exhibition Tour ‘From Bark To Neon’

10th July

What: From Bark to Neon: Indigenous Art from the NGV Collection celebrates Indigenous art in Australia. The exhibition focuses on key artists who have shaped and transformed Indigenous art in Australia and presents works from a range of times and places.

Why: It’s one way to assuage the guilt of living in a post-colonial society from which you benefit every day. Just don’t look too bored. Catch your reflection in a mirror and you might even fool yourself.‘From-Bark-To-Neon’/f0c131e0-9e0c-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) The Carnival of the Impossible

9th July

What: A showcase of experimental performance run by a team of carnival folk featuring a variety of mystery performers including optical illusions, music, shadow play and all kinds of imaginative performance. Expect to be surprised, delighted and exhilarated.

Why: You will be surprised. We were too. Who knew this kind of crap doesn’t just occur unsolicited all over the streets of Melbourne? It apparently also happens indoors.


8) Winter Wine Feast

13th July

What: Experience some of South Australia’s finest McLaren Vale Shiraz at Eaglemont Cellars & Wine Bar’s Winter Wine Feast. A tantalising winter menu paired with Thomas Vineyard Estate wines. Share a charcuterie board starter, before wrapping your mouth around succulent gyro spit roasted meats. Let’s just say your palate will thank you.

Why: Your colon might have some other comments.


7) Bushmills x Iki-jime Whiskey Cocktail Dinner

10th July

What: Seafood by Vue, Iki-jime, is excited to host Bushmills Whiskey for a five-course menu and matched whiskey cocktails. Each dish is inspired by a Bushmills cocktail and is intended to bring out the special flavours of the whiskey.

Why: Fish and whiskey. It’s going to be one hell of a morning-after show.


6) Old World vs New World Wine and Cheese Pairing

13th July

What: M Chapoutier’s winemaker from their Heathcote estate will introduce you to old world French wines and new world Australian ones which will be paired with Milk the Cow’s best French cheeses for a delicious mix of cultures and flavours.

Why: There’s no better time than now to experience times long since past. Just look at the state of things.


5) Italian Cine-scapes #2: The Sunday Woman/La donna della Domenica

7th July

What: The IIC Melbourne, in collaboration with Palace Cinemas and Istituto Luce Cinecittà, presents the second edition of the successful series Italian Cine-scapes with a new exciting selection of movies that speak of inner and external landscapes showing both a long gone and contemporary Italy.

Why: Experience a culture beyond terrifying, quasi-racist pasta sauce puppets.


4) Winter In The Attic with Arran Whisky

9th July

What: Join Mariella Romano, the Global Brand Ambassador for Arran whisky, for a tasting of three handpicked single malts from the Isle of Arran range. The whiskies will be presented alongside a healthy serving of smoked meats and BBQ from the experts at Blue Bonnet.

Why: Nothing marries better on the tongue than liver disease with a little heart disease on top.


3) Melbourne Rare Books Week

7th-14th July

What: Melbourne Rare Book Week (MRBW) and the 47th Australian Antiquarian Book Fair will include a wide variety of interesting topics on book-related themes, and entry to all events is free of charge. There will be something for all interests and tastes.

Why: There will be something for you unless your interests fall outside the range of corporeal literature. In which case, congratulations. You’re employable. As long as your Instagram posting rate doesn’t fall below 25 per hour.


2) Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival

12th-28th July

What: The 2019 Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival features 18 days of spoken word performances, poetry readings, open mics, poetry slams, workshops in venues all over Melbourne. With over 50 events over two and a half weeks, more international guests and more workshops than ever, MSWPF is about to warm up your winter with words.

Why: We know we always get that warm feeling when after experiencing 3 straight hours of slam poetry we speak the words: “Just leave the bottle”.


1) Melbourne Magic Festival

7th-13th July

What: The Melbourne Magic Festival promises to take you to the extreme end of visual theatre with over 300 performances of 75 different shows including top international guest magicians from all over the world! Be amazed as Melbourne becomes a magical hub in winter for 14 days only with special events, workshops, and live shows for everyone from child friendly to adults only.

Why: Well, we prefer not to regularly think about the fact that grown adults who aren’t ashamed to shout the word ‘abracadabra’ exist. We are including fans of the Steve Miller Band.

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