Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 07/04/2019

Deriving enjoyment from this week is incumbent upon you. Because Easter is coming. We don’t have the power to make spending time with your family more enjoyable. Consider this your ‘last meal’.


10) Serotonin’s FREE 4th Birthday Party

13th April

What: Join the Serotonin Exercise Trainers for an epic morning workout to kick start the day. Then go Utopia, the beautiful event space next door to Serotonin to enjoy a guided meditation. To boost your natural happiness there will be FREE hot and cold drinks and delicious healthy desserts available. Enjoy FREE treats from Remedy Kombucha, Sacred Taste Cacao, and desserts from Cacao Citizen and Shoku Iku.

Why: Endure a couple of hours of sitting and breathing, then stuff your pants full of desserts and get the hell out of there.’s-FREE-4th-Birthday-Party/2a4623d0-58b7-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


9) Exhibition and Opening Night: Gum Flower Series

8th April

What: Carmel Louise is a fine artist and photographer Melbourne born and based. Her work incorporates natural and man made objects and landscapes. She has developed a unique art technique, Deconstructed Photography. This is an experimental process that involves photography, digital technology, personal aesthetics and intuition. Her work focuses on patterns and the elements of shape and line. Her pieces are precise, elegant and mesmerising.

What: Like Instagram. But in an art gallery.


8) National Record Store Day

13th April

What: Celebrate National Record Store Day at Bookgrove with an in-store performance by local musician and indie artist, Andrea Robertson.

Why: There’s no better way to mark the fact that the contemporary is now somehow defined by obsolescence than the celebration of vinyl in a physical store with books made of ink and trees.


7) Five at 5: Extraordinary Genius

13th April

What: Experience the pinnacle of European and Australian compositional genius as Orchestra Victoria’s musicians perform the sublime Clarinet Quintet by Johannes Brahms and the remarkable String Quartet No.4 by Richard Mills.

Why: It’s business as usual with this one, kids, take a couple of pictures of yourself at this thing looking as though you appreciate orchestral feats beyond the talents of Hans Zimmer and hightail it to the nearest bar where the definition of music is so loose it doesn’t even have to include the use of actual instruments.



13th April

What: fEMPOWER 2019 has been initiated through a desire to provide a space of solidarity, empowerment and healing. A night of spoken word, art and music. Supporting gender equality and the prevention of domestic violence.

Why: Your moral tonic for the week. With spoken word poetry. Hey, if being a moral person was so easy, we wouldn’t need to balance it out with vast quantities of liquor and the atrocity in a can that is spray cheese.


5) ‘Synergy’ Art Exhibition Opening

12th April

What: ‘Synergy’ is a dynamic and exciting body of work produced by two notable and emerging Australian artists, that explore the possibilities of a shared and collaborative process of painting. By revealing and concealing layers of paint, Teodoruk and Tomkins create a deep history within each piece. The audience is invited to fill in the gaps of the painting through curiosity and recognition.

Why: Remember how well Frankenstein’s monster worked out for everyone?’Synergy’-Art-Exhibition-Opening/0086a1f0-58bc-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


4) Ability Fest 

7th April

What: Ability Fest is a 1-day festival brought to you by the Dylan Alcott Foundation & Untitled Group that aims to use music as an inclusive platform to normalise disability. Launched by 3 time Paralympic gold medallist & 7 time grand slam winner Dylan Alcott, Australia’s most inclusive music festival is held at the Coburg Velodrome, known better as Melbourne’s favourite concrete donut.

Why: Best part? You won’t have to drunkenly navigate steps. It’s all ramps, baby.

3) Taste of Malaysia 

7th April

What: Victoria’s cultural arm is back again for its second year! Expect your favourite Malaysian dishes made by authentic Malaysian vendors, cultural performances by talented individuals, and fun old school games that will bring you back to your childhood days.

Why: Something more culturally immersive than some guy shoving a paper bag full of greasy takeout in your face at 2.00am after you’ve tried to axe body spray the whisky vomit smell out of your doorway.


2) Just a Little Bit Oshare: Sake & Cheese Tasting

12th April

What: Cheese and sake share one important flavour profile: Umami. Described as a pleasant, comforting savoury sensation. Milk the Cow pairs a selection of Japanese sakes with cheeses and let them ignite each other’s flavours- while cheesemongers talk through each and every pairing.

Why: A liquor historically rendered from monk spit and a food historically known for its pungent odour…if you can make friends here, you can probably only make friends here. No one will ever want to come near you again.


1) Melbourne International Comedy Festival 

7th-21st April

What: An annual event, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival literally takes over Australia’s comedy capital, Melbourne, each autumn with an enormous program of stand-up comedy, cabaret, theatre, street performance, film, television, radio and visual arts.

Why: Laugh with something other than bitter resentment. Unless you accidentally bought tickets to Dave Hughes.

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