Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 05/01/2020

Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Just take the s**t and run.


10) ‘Choose Love’ Screening

6th January

What: ‘Choose Love’ explores many different facets of forgiveness, addressing new scientific findings, and raising some important questions. The documentary describes a journey of transformation through growth in knowledge and awareness. The seeds of a new form of humanity are present in empathy, love, and the true character of forgiveness. True stories that describe a process of openness, forgiveness, and love that breaks down prejudice and divisions. We need to change ourselves to change the world because it is only by feeling strong and grounded that one can find the power for forgiveness.

Why: Located at HOYTS, just past the bevy of depressed, homeless people suffering under a complex institutionalised and politicised system. They won’t harass you on your way to the cinema if you just walk fast and look straight ahead.’Choose-Love’-Screening-(Melbourne)/e9f31e20-2dbb-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372



8th January

What: FLIGHT is a multi-sensory, multi-universal journey in complete darkness. DARKFIELD once again use their signature 3D soundscape to push the bounds of reality. Expect to reach an altitude very much at odds with the shipping container one is seated within.

Why: Alter your consciousness in a shipping container. Its incredible how the same description, when applied to two different subsets of humanity, can change radically. For example, a white citizen verses a non-white asylum-seeker.



6th January

What: Come help award-winning comedian and JOY 94.9fm radio host Jacqueline Mifsud figure out her show MUFFSTUD for this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival by listening to her say things out loud in her signature frenetic, hyper-verbal and joyously weird style.

Why: Seeing a half-formed solo comedy performance from a newcomer has never been cringe-inducingly horrific. Never.


7) Luke Howard: All That Is Not Solid

6th January

What: Australian composer Luke Howard presents a concert of improvised music for solo piano. “Sound may not excel in certainty until shaped with precision in certain forms of music, but both possess, in their different ways, sublime attributes as metaphors or representations of all that is not solid: emotions, atmosphere, sensuality, passions of all kinds, the passage of time, abstract mathematics, memory, loss and mourning, nostalgia, the metaphysical, supernatural, spectral, unseen, unknown and uncanny.” – David Toop.

Why: Nothing more, nothing less than anecdotal intellectual cachet.


6) Come From Away

3rd January-8th March

What: Come From Away tells the remarkable true story of thousands of stranded passengers and the small town in Newfoundland, Canada that welcomed them. Cultures clashed and nerves ran high, but uneasiness turned into trust, music soared into the night, and gratitude grew into enduring friendships. Don’t miss this breathtaking new musical written by Tony and Grammy nominees Irene Sankoff and David Hein.

Why: We have to admit, we’re warming to this new trend of post-political scandal musicals. A poetic, jazzy refrain is a much more enjoyable ear-worm than ‘SNC-Lavalin’ or ‘incomprehensible tweet no. 8300’.


5) Chicago the Musical 

4th January-23rd February


Don’t miss Chicago starring Natalie Bassingthwaighte as Roxie Hart, Alinta Chidzey as Velma Kelly and Casey Donovan as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton’. Created by the musical theatre talents of John Kander, Fred Ebb and legendary choreographer Bob Fosse, CHICAGO’s sexy, sassy score includes “All That Jazz” and “Razzle Dazzle”.

Why: Remember those times when media savvy and fame would excuse rampant criminality? Good thing we’ve matured as a society.


4) Flow: Episode 2

11th January

What: Melbourne’s annual celebration of Tribal Fusion and Fusion Bellydance styles, Flow is back. Immerse yourself in a professional stage production with performances by some of the finest local and interstate fusion dancers that Australia has to offer. From Tribal Fusion to Old School, Folkloric, American Tribal Style, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and African Fusion Bellydance, prepare to be captivated and inspired by the talent and diversity of the show.

Why: Watch people dance around covered with an unnecessary amount of jewellery without the enormous upside of being a rich Sheikh.


3) Steve Hofstetter Live

11th January

What: One of YouTube’s most popular comics with over 100 million views, Steve Hofstetter is also the host of Finding Babe Ruth on FS1. Hofstetter was the host and executive producer of season one of Laughs (FOX) and he has been on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and E! True Hollywood Story, Comics Unleashed, Comedy All-Stars, Quite Frankly, White Boyz in the Hood, Countdown, and more. Now is your chance to find out what the fuss is about during this no-holds-barred stand-up performance, featuring some of his unfiltered observations about life.

Why: We promise you, the connotations of “one of YouTube’s most popular” are almost always negated by the word “comics”. This should be a genuinely enjoyable experience.


2) ‘John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky’ Screening 

7th January

What: The underlying message was one of radical engagement as relevant today as ever. This film reveals the depth of the creative collaboration between John and Yoko and explores how the art, politics and music of the pair are intrinsically entwined. The album, and its iconic title track, shows the extraordinary genius behind the music that defined a movement and marked an era. ‘Above Us Only Sky’ recounts a story of hope for a world still desperately in need of peace, justice, empathy and love. Featuring interviews from Yoko Ono, Julian Lennon, David Bailey (photographer), John Dunbar (Gallerist who introduced the couple), Dan Richter (Yoko’s neighbor and John’s former personal assistant) and Eddie Veale (studio designer), some of whom have never spoken publicly on film before. As well as never seen before footage of Lennon and Ono from their private archive.

Why: Documented proof of why choosing love is not artistically beneficial, but financially very profitable.’John-and-Yoko:-Above-Us-Only-Sky’-Screening-(Melbourne)/524262e0-2dbe-11ea-bd3a-87e544f47372


1) Shakespeare Under The Stars: Hamlet 

2nd January-9th February

What: Hamlet is Shakespeare’s masterpiece and arguably the greatest tragedy in the English language. The Australian Shakespeare Company is renowned for presenting top class, innovative and accessible productions featuring the country’s finest actors. This summer Hamlet will provide thrilling entertainment as the court of Denmark spirals from order to chaos.

Why: Enjoy the violent, tragic descent of a small boy into madness and a psychologically complex homicide ending with an entire extended family dead in a mass pool of blood…under the stars.

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