Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 03/02/2019

Midsummer is at a close. Thankfully, there’s an old Belgian man to see you through till Autumn.


10) The Voices Of: Performance Ritual

3rd February

What: The Voices Of Performance Ritual marks the completion of the 10 week “The Voices Of…Program” where the participants journey through creatively expressing the voices within – the doer, dreamer, inner child, shadow, fear and inner wisdom. Join in a theatrical performance ritual where these women will be sharing their inner voices through song, movement, acting and poetry.

Why: Over the hill amateurs expressing themselves through movement? Looks like those weird laxative yoghurts are going to have to drop their prices if they’re going to compete.


9) Stump The Green Buyer

6th February

What: Kick your MICE week off at Cafe Imports Hq; put green buyers in the spotlight and ask them the hard hitting questions around sourcing coffee, building sustainable relationships and general green coffee conversation.

Why: Finally. A chance for vengeance against every holier-than-thou barista who judges you when you order anything on the menu that doesn’t taste like ditchwater.


8) The Model Citizen Opening Night

7th February

What: Celebrate the opening of RMIT Gallery’s new exhibition The Model Citizen. “Meet the micro lenses of surveillance and audit culture; the algorithm of benign search engines; the political poetry of embodied dance; the veneer of the celebrity citizen; the performative monotony of routine; the bio-power of the viral robot; the ghostly noise of a thousand newsreaders speaking all at once, and the hopeful threads and fibres of participatory culture.”

Why: Or just spend two minutes on twitter. Pretty much the same thing. Try not to kill yourself.


7) Minus18 Pride March

3rd February

What: Pride March is a day of celebration, excitement and tonnes of glitter. Every year, Minus18 march with an incredible bunch of young people and they want YOU! Whether it’s your first or tenth Pride March, everyone is welcome to come chant, sing and dance. If you’ve never been before, it can be a great way of meeting new young LGBTIQ+ people.

Why: Fight for something worthwhile. We know. There’ll be dancing. But at least this is the one cause you know isn’t tacitly supporting something evil. Like that time you found out that kid with cancer’s make a wish was to meet Skrillex.


6) Open House Seven Seeds Session #1

7th February

What: Leading Australian coffee roaster, Seven Seeds, are offering guided tours to the public and coffee professionals alike. “We made a stand last year to publish all the farmgate prices of the coffee we buy, including our blends.” says co-owner Mark Dundon. “We’ve had a great reaction to it. We want to show people what it means to be a small company navigating the complexities of sourcing and roasting to the best standard, it’s hard!”

Why: Ah yes, the moral component of Melbourne Coffee Week. We’ve given you all the excesses involved in worshipping the heathen bean, it’s about time you listen to some guy named Mark lecture you on ‘farmgate prices’.


5) Walter Swennen: La Langue Rouge Screening

3rd February

What: A screening of WALTER SWENNEN LA LANGUE ROUGE (The Crimson Tongue) a film by Violaine de Villers. Belgian artist Walter Swennen invites us into his workshop for a thoughtful but playful dialogue between the movements of his mind and the matter of his works. When words fail and meanings get muddled, painting steps up, making light of the arbitrariness of images and words.

Why: Never has dementia been so artistically phrased.


4) Locale x Mazzer: Kold S + Robur S Launch Party

6th February

What: Locale is proud to host the launch of Mazzer’s highly-anticipated ‘Kold S’ + ‘Robur S’ grinders! Come test out Mazzer’s newest high-performance grinder offering. Caleb ‘Tiger’ Cha of Tigerous Espresso will wow the crowd with his latte art skills! Also featuring complimentary food trucks, coffee inspired drinks, and a DJ spinning tunes all night. This is one coffee event you won’t want to miss!

Why: A whole self-contained festival dedicated to coffee. We plug a lot of liquor-based events and yet somehow this seems like a far more gratuitously excessive symptom of first world privilege. Probably because a guy named Caleb is involved.


3) LoopdeLoop Animation Festival

5th January

What: Open up and let in some fresh air at the first LoopdeLoop screening of 2019! LoopdeLoop is a bi-monthly mini animation festival. Short, looping animations from all over the world will be screened, applauded and judged by the audience at Loop!

Why: It’s exactly what it sounds like. Regress into the animated world of childhood…with alcohol! We don’t really have to sell you on this one.


2) Midsumma Festival

3rd-9th February

What: Midsumma Festival is Melbourne’s annual celebration of LGBTQIA+ arts culture and Melbourne’s diverse communities!

Why: Remember those bigoted geriatric relatives that still haven’t left your house since Christmas? Well, what a way to send those frigid freeloaders packing!


1) John Butler Trio & Missy Higgins Tour

7th February

Aussie music icons John Butler Trio and Missy Higgins are joining forces. The tour will finally reunite two artists whose early careers were closely intertwined.

A white guy with dreads and a vaguely bisexual white chick with short hair reuniting after 15 years? Why, it’s the paragon of essentially stymieing progressionist music.

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