Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 01/09/2019

Winter’s over. It’s no longer acceptable to drink whisky at 10am just to ‘warm your bones’. Enter: the season of wine-soaked garden parties.


10) Affordable Art Fair Launch

5th September

What: The Affordable Art Fair launches in the Royal Exhibition Building in September 2019 with 1000s of original, contemporary artworks from an array of Australian and international galleries, ready to make your house a home. On top of 50 local and international galleries, Young Talent Victoria and Special Projects will refresh your understanding of contemporary art!

Why: There’s an empty space above your toilet and a hole in your conversational repertoire that’re begging for this event.


9) Australian Food Awards Presentation Dinner

5th September

What: Held as part of Global Table in the brand new Victoria Pavilion at Melbourne Showgrounds, this major food industry event is not to be missed. You’ll enjoy an innovative three-course dinner featuring medal-winning produce, beer and wine from The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria’s prestigious award programs. Celebrate the best premium food producers in the country as trophies are awarded across thirteen major categories.

Why: Epiphanic realisation of the fact that you, as a complex, vulnerable human being capable of compassion and intellect, will never receive as many life-affirming accolades as a dead fish.


8) Melbourne Moon Festival

7th September

What: Traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth of the eighth lunar month, The Moon Festival is held when the moon is at its brightest and roundest. The Chinese believe that the circular shape of the moon symbolises unity, and therefore family members will get together during this time to celebrate, eat mooncakes and light lanterns. The Festival will host 60 market stalls, showcasing various cuisines, arts and crafts, cultural activities, mooncakes, lanterns and more! The main stage will also provide a full day of entertainment.

Why: Nothing unites a family more than being surrounded by a mass of loud, colourful distractions whilst they stand in vague proximity to one another.


7) Father’s Day Cheese & Wine Tour

1st September

What: Join 1932 Cafe & Restaurant for an Art Deco cheese and wine pairing experience followed by a formal guided tour of Melbourne’s most renowned Neo-Gothic building. Enjoy a glass of bubbly on arrival and a selection of three hand picked Savour & Grace cheeses, paired with the perfect glass of wine.

Why: Gastrointestinal constipation to rival that of the surrounding architecture.’s-Day-Cheese-and-Wine-Tour/380232b0-caaa-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


6) Ballarat International Foto Biennale

1st September-20th October

What: The Ballarat International Foto Biennale is one of Australia’s pre-eminent photographic festivals. Program highlights include To the Moon and Back, in recognition of the Apollo moon landing 50 years ago, A History of Misogyny, Chapter One: On Abortion, a stark look at women’s reproductive rights, and Adi Nes’s homoerotic portraiture, which delves into questions of gender, masculinity and humanism.

Why: One of the few events that features the art of photography in which your data won’t be sold at a major profit. Though if you do decide to use Instagram while you’re there, that’s your prerogative.


5) Italian Cine-scapes #2: Miracle in Milan/Miracolo a Milano

1st September

What: The IIC Melbourne, in collaboration with Palace Cinemas and Istituto Luce Cinecittà, presents the second edition of the successful series Italian Cine-scapes with a new exciting selection of movies that speak of inner and external landscapes showing both a long gone and contemporary Italy.

Why: Experience a culture beyond terrifying, quasi-racist pasta sauce puppets.


4) From The Bottle To The Barrel: The Evolution of Exit’s Milk Stout

5th September

What: The brewers & owners of Exit will talk you through the evolution of their 2019 AIBA Trophy Winning Milk Stout. You will get to taste the 2017 Milk Stout, the 2017 #015 Double Milk Stout, the 2019 #023 Double Milk Stout, and the 2019 PX Barrel Aged Double Milk Stout. Enjoy a bonus “Exit-spresso” Martini along with Ka Chin Asian Cuisine and cupcakes from Deb Lieu Bakes, made with Exit Milk Stout.

Why: Don’t freak out. We’ve done the research. It doesn’t contain any awful, poisonous real milk. It’s just good old straight up central-nervous-system-depressing intoxicants.’s-Milk-Stout/8f2bffe0-caa9-11e9-b14f-a713526e5192


3) Channels Festival: International Biennial of Video Art 

1st-15th September

What: The 2019 Channels Festival highlights Australian and international artists working across video and performance. The festival, curated by Kelli Alred, will present artworks that blur fact with fiction and deconstruct notions of belonging, complicity and resistance to challenge our understanding of difference, connectivity, power and place.

Why: We know. It reads like an HSC syllabus. But then again, wouldn’t it be a lovely thing to regress to that era when you could say ‘ugh, I just want to kill myself’, rather than, ‘I hope I can go to the movies without someone trying murder me’?


2) Spring Victorian and French Wine and Cheese Soiree

4th September

What: You’re invited to a comparison of wine styles from iconic Victorian producers, Bress, Curly Flat, Dirty 3 and Mac Forbes and producers from Chablis, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Bordeaux and the South-West of France imported by Mosaique Wines. Over 30 wines will be on tap and Spring Street Cheese Cellar, arguably Melbourne’s finest fromagerie, will offer a number of their cheeses to complement the wines.

Why: Say hello to the spring with a liver as large and fragile as your temporary seasonal zest for life.


1) Melbourne Writers Festival

1st-8th September

What: The 2019 Melbourne Writers Festival is a bookish arts party that will bring the City of Literature to life. This year’s theme is ‘When We Talk About Love’, with sessions that ‘interrogate our love for people, sex, politics and country through conversations, new writing, music and immersive events’.

Why: You know what they say. Funerals shouldn’t be about mourning the lost, they should be about celebrating life. So, put on your party hat and brush the dust off that graduate screenplay, because literature may be a dead art form, but it had a hell of a good run.

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