Top 10 Brisbane Revelry On this week 27/06/2021

Wax on, pubes off.


10) Hardstyle Carnival

3rd July

What: Featuring an all star Australian lineup with support from QLD’s finest local DJ’s. Shokk Events promises to deliver an indoor festival style experience with the best production showcase Queensland’s hardstyle events have ever seen!

Why: There’s a reason they spelt their company like that. Because they actually specialise in the same old s*** you’ve seen a hundred times before.


9) Future Haunts ‘Social Glue’ Single Launch

2nd July

What: Brisbane’s Future Haunts share their new single ‘Social Glue’, and are heading to The Brightside to celebrate with very special guests Fragile Animals. Lyrically, ‘Social Glue’ explores the ubiquity of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity, and the ways in which they impinge on our everyday lives.

Why: There will be a guy selling ‘social glue’ round the back in order to make this sound tolerable.‘Social-Glue’-Single-Launch/68b5e980-d3ac-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961



2nd July

What: Adelaide producer, self-proclaimed hellraiser and superstar on the rise, Godlands rips into Brisbane for her first headline show of the pandemic! A product of old school sound meeting new school methods, Godlands has proven she is a forerunner of the new wave of Australian electronic music.

Why: If only she had to power to actually raise hell. At least satan can play a real instrument.


7) Slowly Slowly: Live

2nd July

What: There’s an unshakable sense of comfort and resonance that comes with listening to Slowly Slowly. Frontman Ben Stewart’s vivid lyricism and emotionally-charged vocals douse swirling guitars and soaring percussion and prove the band as nothing short of striking storytellers. Experience them live.

Why: ‘Comfort’ and ‘boredom’ and so oft interchangeable it seems a waste to have two words for it.


6) Chelsea Drive ‘The Water’ Launch

27th June

What: Indie rock band, Chelsea Drive have poured their hearts and souls into their new single “The Water”. The band have packed out shows across Brisbane since moving down from Townsville in late January. This will be their first single launching in 2021 with an EP to follow later in the year.

Why: Unfamiliar with their sound? Just remember every recent indie rock band. They sound like that.‘The-Water’-Launch/593c1ec0-d3ac-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


5) Dark Moon Society ‘Night Demon’ Single Launch

2nd July

What: Hailing from the ends of Brisbane’s outer suburbs, Dark Moon have forged a path through the scene via relentless gigging at local venues and even graced the stages of a few of Brissys most popular festivals, such as Good Things 2020, bringing their groove based flavour of stoner/alt rock with them.

Why: Remember when weed was such a big thing a genre was dedicated to it? Explains a lot about the current state of music and the sweeping meth epidemic.‘Night-Demon’-Single-Launch/887c8670-d3ac-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


4) VERUM: Live

3rd July

What: With the release of their debut EP, blues punk band VERUM are putting on their biggest show to date. To celebrate the release of ‘We Call This Healing” local legends “The Buzzing Towers” and hardcore rock animals “Grim Richard” have joined the lineup to make this a night to remember.

Why: Just in case you were in any doubt, yes, they are all very white.


3) The Amity Affliction: Live

3rd July

What: The Amity Affliction, arguably Australia’s most successful heavy music exports are heading around Australia in July 2021 with the support of WAAX, Void of Vision and Nerve Damage.

Why: Tired of hearing all the political dreck? Permanently deafen yourself!


2) The Brisbane Indie ‘Winter’ Project

3rd July

What: In light of COVID 19’s impact on small arts initiatives, this event is to celebrate and showcase the emerging artists and musicians within the creative Brisbane Scene. It is an opportunity to showcase their talent, network with like minded people and expand their audience. For the ‘Winter’ event, there is an amazing lineup of six bands; Fat Picnic, Victor Bravo, Eloelo, Lost Goat Found, Pipin, and Nicole Mckinney. This is accompanied by an extensive art market by 10 talented artists;  Ashlee Becks, Ruby Macgregor, Sky Parra, Steph Blinco, Jacksgoodcrochet, Dylan Sparks, Chloe Delmargo, Street Cat, Cloudier Nadya and Tom Schulte.

Why: Experience the next generation of contemporary artists you’ll immediately forget.‘Winter’-Project/d463a2e0-d3ab-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


1) Trip The Switch

3rd July

What: Live music is back! Australian music fans are ready to rock again…and ‘Trip the Switch’ is ready to deliver! Willowbank Raceway, Ipswich will welcome festival-goers back with open arms for a huge day of Aussie hits from a huge line-up of Aussie artists! ICEHOUSE – James Reyne – The Angels – Shannon Noll – Killing Heidi – Boom Crash Opera – and Blues Arcadia. It’s time to get back out there with your friends, soak up the excitement and witness the magic of these iconic Aussie acts in full flight, live on stage. Tickets for this Covid-safe event will be snapped up fast!

Why: Bet you forgot how terrible most live music in the 21st Century is!

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