Top 10 Australia Revelry On this week 05/04/2020 (COVID-19 EDITION)

Whisky, anyone?


10) Charli XCX: Live

5th April

What: After a week off, the pop singer Charli XCX is back for another week of streaming programming. This live Instagram edition will feature a makeup tutorial with Zara Larsson.

Why: It can be genuinely heartening to discover the hidden facets within yourself or your loved ones when external distractions are removed. But never forget that a society exists outside that will be there once COVID-19 is over. A society that demanded that this live Instagram session exist.


9) SiriusXM Livestream

5th-11th April

What: Howard Stern is broadcasting from his home and so are your other favorite SiriusXM hosts. As a result of the COVID crisis, you’ll be able to stream all content for free. You’re still going to laugh. You’re still going to be able to say, “I can’t believe I just heard that.” Plus hear hours of hilarious stand-up by the best comics around to bring a smile to your face. Even watch exclusive videos of Howard Stern and other celebs online and on the app from the on Demand library. Plus, enjoy the return of the Billy Joel channel.

Why: The father of all defunct media, the man with his finger on the absent pulse of the corpse, is here. Oh and, of course, Billy Joel is with him.


8) Zenith Volt (Live)

11th April

What: Experience the first ever Zenith Volt livestream! Pulling sounds from retro and futuristic palates, electro-pop singer-songwriter Zenith Volt constructs an ethereal reality, attuned to the openness, enormity and unpredictability of the expanding universe, and the unknown that ever lies ahead. The top 5 supporters of his first livestream will be sent a signed copy of Zenith Volt’s limited-edition holographic logo poster, with the handwritten lyrics to the new single release, HEARTBEAT. And the top supporter will get all the keepsakes, including a custom logo-embroidered Reebok Classic windbreaker full-zip jacket, the original demo cassette tape, car air freshener, campaign pin, ZV stickers, and the commemorative poster marking this date in time as we have witnessed it all together.

Why: A whole carton of crap to commemorate an era in which your sense of reality become entirely warped by lack of external stimulation and your whole sense of validation become dependant upon recognition from an electro-pop artist called Zenith Volt.


7) Lips Together, Teeth Apart (Live Reading) 

7th April

What: will livestream a reading by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Zachary Quinto and Ari Graynor of the late Terrence McNally’s acclaimed 1991 play Lips Together, Teeth Apart to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund. The livestream will be dedicated to McNally, who died of COVID-19 complications.

Why: There’s nothing like the staging, costuming and brilliant physical artistry being entirely removed from a Broadway production and replaced with the guy from Modern Family and the worst Spock.


6) The Dollyrots: A Little Messed Up

6th April

What: The Dollyrots are staying home to #BEATTHEVIRUS (and so should you) but that doesn’t mean they can’t play for y’all! Since their Spring tour has been postponed they’re going to use this time to revisit the albums from their catalog, one per week! This is an acoustic-style live stream, with lots of stories and interaction with fans in the chat room. Hopefully by the time they get through all of them we’ll ALL be through the thick of this! This show will feature songs from their 2010 album “A Little Messed Up”, their second record on Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records. This album features tracks including “Rollercoaster”, “California Beach Boy”, “Some Girls”, and “My Heart Explodes”. They’ll tell tour stories about the crazy tours supporting this record AND play deeper cuts such as “Om Nom Nom” and more.

Why: There’s nothing like the live visceral piss, blood and sweat of punk music as processed through a 13 inch computer screen with a couple of acoustic guitars interspersed with charming anecdotes about married life and the wacky misadventures surrounding a flat van tyre.


5) DJ D-Nice Instagram Party

5th April

What: The DJ of Boogie Down productions fame, whose star-studded Instagram parties have drawn everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Will Smith to Michelle Obama to Rihanna to Joe Biden, will be putting on his next live party. He previously partnered with Michelle Obama and When We All Vote for a #CouchParty, and DJ’d his “Homeschool” party for ten hours on March 21.

Why: Livestream a party with people just beginning to venture into the 5th acre of their 300 acre property, and listen to their hash-tagged advice on how to stay sane.


4) SUSTO: Barely Arrived

10th April

What: This is the third in a series of online SUSTO performances. Each show is focused on a theme, and each set list contains songs from their catalogue that pertain to a certain topic. Throughout each set, they will be giving a little bit of background information about each song plus a story or two that may be relevant to the show’s theme. This show is called “Barely Arrived” and will include songs about travelling, being on tour and developing a deep appreciation for home.

Why: Why use this quarantine to discover parts of your psyche you never previously acknowledged when you can kid yourself that things are entirely normal by continuing to lap up bland anecdotes from any indie band with name recognition?


3) Miz Cracker’s American Woman: Quarantine Edition

9th April

What: As part of Digital Dragfest, Miz Cracker is going online! Miz Cracker’s American Woman: Quarantine Edition will offer high energy dance numbers and brand new stand up comedy live! Cracker covers everything from beauty to office politics, with just a few reveals and jump splits for the kids!

Why: An unforeseen and interesting result of the COVID-19 crisis: the most milquetoast drag you will ever be able to access via online channels.


2) Covid 19-Twenty Session 2.0

6th April

What: Covid 19-Twenty Session 2.0 – Under The Covers! Presenting your regular escape from the craziness of the world – this time you’re invited to watch, listen & get the fam together for 19-Twenty’s Under The Covers session! Playing 30 minutes of covers in Acoustic mode whilst in their PJ’s. It’s time to relax! Get comfy, crack the wine, get the kids on the couch and let 19-Twenty take your mind off things! Think MTV unplugged but with more ridiculously patterned pants.

Why: There’s nothing like wine, the presence of your children and pyjama-clad men on a small screen warbling the lyrics, “saw her there up on the stage and bend without her knees, this is the kind, the type of woman who’s only there to please, she went down and he was tempted, blood rushing to and fro” accompanied by an acoustic guitar, to make you wish for a pandemic dystopia wherein the form resistance involved less Instagram Live and more zombie-killing and indistinct death metal.


1) Shut In & Sing: Logan Ledger, Chance McCoy, Willy Porter & Keb’Mo 

9th April

What: Shut In & Sing is a roster of some of your favorite artists…and some people you’ve never heard of. Here is your chance to discover new music, to feel connected to one another and to the artists. By sharing resources, the artists have the possibility of making new fans and even ONE new person makes a difference in their world. This edition will feature roots artist Logan Ledger, indie folk musician Chance McCoy, rocker Willy Porter and blues artist Keb’Mo.

Why: Finally. Proof that one’s taste in music isn’t an indication of superiority. This indie blues concert isn’t taking place in the secret underground bar beneath a laundromat. Everyone has access to this livestream. Everyone, Atticus.

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