Tom Gleeson: Joy Tour (You Know This Guy)

You know this guy because the proliferation of free media means that we rarely seek to plumb truth within verified media sources and instead look to click-worthy articles that we receive on, if we’re politically generally unaligned, or something similar.

Yes, Tom Gleeson has achieved momentary notoriety for whatever he said at the 2019 Logies.



plural noun: Logies

an award for excellence in the Australian television industry, presented annually.

i.e. “just look at the stuff that wins Logies every year”.

…Well, this guy’s on tour. And he’s called his tour ‘Joy’.

Gleeson is “one of the sharpest minds in Australian comedy, (his) stand-up shows are relentlessly hilarious and masterful. He’s performed at every major comedy festival in the world, been nominated for a Helpmann three times, and now he is thrilled to be bringing his new show to the Sydney Opera House” – according to his promoters.

According to Gleeson himself, “I can’t wait to rip into my new tour. Don’t get me wrong, TV is nice but stand up is my specialty. It’s going to be an absolute Joy.”

At the very least, you’ll get to see one of the most entertaining sections Studio 10 has ever featured without having to listen to a 20 minute pitch about StoneDine cookware.

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