Tired Of The Ordinary? Sample Supersense: Festival Of The Ecstatic

As a society we’re all pretty desensitised.

Massacres, political dissent, the rise of right-wing paranoia, Cher’s relentless touring schedule…

It seems nothing could penetrate the thick skin of normalcy we’ve collectively constructed.

Perhaps it’s time to shed the kid gloves and super charge our senses.

Enter: Supersense.

A three day festival of ecstatic performance and transformative ritual.

Exploring modern, traditional, evolving and emerging forms of ecstatic ritual and transformational expression, this festival features pioneers who have redefined entire art forms alongside new generations of artists redefining the thresholds and possibilities of their disciplines.

The 2019 program features talents including New Zealand songwriting phenomenon Aldous Harding, avant-garde jazz group The Art Ensemble of Chicago, cult musician John Maus, Master Iraqi Maqam vocalist Hamid Al-Saadi and American theatre legend Robert Wilson who will perform revolutionary 20th-century composer John Cage’s A Lecture on Nothing.

Come witness extreme and sublime worlds.

At the very least it’s an interlude between you considering the phrase ‘the kid gloves’ as an application of an idiom and the announcement of a new kind of sustainable hand-wear that takes care of the overpopulation crisis.



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