Through The Looking Glass It’s Not. It’s Splendour in the Grass!

You know exactly what to expect.

And congratulations scrapper, for getting those golden tickets. You might want to put some disinfectant on those wounds so they don’t become so painfully and horrifically gangrenous that you can’t attend…

Splendour in the Grass!

The twanging archangel of Australian music festivals is back featuring Childish Gambino, making good on Donald Glover axing last year’s Australian tour, alongside Chance The Rapper, who’s bringing a new album with him. Rounding out the headliners is Australian music royalty Tame Impala and a plethora of other acts.

They will be lighting up the stage inside a micro-world of live art installations, boho lounges, comedy acts, buskers and live science.

It’s like burning man for all those not currently burning from an STI.

Warning to all attendees: You must own or have owned a pair of orange tinted aviators and denim shorts in order to enter the festival.

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