There Is No Escape feat. Space Ibiza NYD2020: A New Era

2020 is going to be a new era.

Full of pain, angst, human misery, institutionalised torture and the proliferation of terrible music. Also, perhaps a greater amount of people will be forgoing bacon and instead indulging in mass quantities of vegetables deep-fried in the fat derived from the animal that makes bacon.

It sometimes seems that just ignoring the sucking mass of humanity and all of its hypocrisy and shooting oneself into outer space would be a good option, but that’s an idle thought born of insanity and not at all logically viable.

Especially considering outer space is already occupied by a whole lot of human turds.

Enter: Space Ibiza NYD2020: A New Era.

Yes, the mighty Space Ibiza shall be returning to Sydney for its 11th consecutive NYD party, joining us to bring in A NEW ERA on NYD2020 at The Greenwood. The Space NYD parties have been legendary over the last 10 years in Sydney, bringing with them the Ibiza party vibes, world class production, a discerning, up for it crowd and the best underground house & techno music for which it has been widely known for over this last decade.As we enter A NEW ERA, which will not only bring in a New Year but also a new decade there’s no better way to celebrate than with Space.

International acts who will be taking control of the infamous open air Greenwood Terrace for this one include Patrice Baumel, Heidi, Rebūke & Noir, as well as Space resident DJ Mateo Vitale plus many more acts to be announced. It’s certainly going to be very special indeed.

So, there you are.

A whole event that summarises why wildly proclaiming “screw the planet” and shutting yourself off from humankind is not viable.

If free space exploration were accessible to the masses and you could actually shoot yourself into any random point in outer space, techno rave douchebags would invariably be there first.

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