The Sweetest Street

Sweets for the sweet.

And you too, you salty S.O.B.

The biggest sweet festival of the year is back for its fifth year. Culinary gods Adriano Zumbo, Blackstar Pastry, MakMak Macarons, Petal Met Sugar, Butter and Koi Dessert Bar will all be participating in the proliferation of the increasingly troubling epidemic of sugar addiction.

Make peace with your demons and spread wide that cavity-infested maw. The term ‘vegetable’ ought to be an archaism by 2020. You’re ahead of the curve.

So cruise on down the sweet street.

The destination might be diabetes, but, you know the old adage. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Do make sure you’ve got full medical. Street insulin isn’t cheap and it’s almost always cut with somatostatin.

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