The Surreal Artists Masquerade Ball – Of Course They Only Have One Ball


It’s that term you’ve heard bleated out by your least favourite friend or relative describing a completely normal event.

Well, good news for you, none of the people involved in this event will deign to be your friend and all of them are far more pretentious than your relations.

It sounds like some kind of fantasy, right?

Well, that’s just what they’re aiming for.

The young art scene of Sydney is hosting a masquerade ball with a variety of entertainment, including roving performers, dancers and musicians.

The instruction is to come dressed as something ‘surreal’ and you must be in a mask. They’ve specified that you cannot come as anything associated with Dali.


Imposing experimental performances?

Disparaging the intellectual root of their supposed inspiration?

It’s the art student trifecta.

Did we mention there’ll be alcohol?

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