The Sisters Of Mercy Tour (The Band, Not The Abusive Criminals)

There was a time in which promoting an underground English goth rock band would be more controversial than promoting the papacy, but these are not those times.

For many justified reasons, the papacy is heresy and 80s underground goth rock is easy listening.

English rock band The Sisters of Mercy now forms a part of the mainstream arm, if you will, of the adopted god of a new generation seeking a definitive method of rebellion in a society in which the demons are not a singular force, but rather a scattered mass of disorganised, disunited blood-sucking ticks against whom it is impossible revolt.

Yes, led by the haunting voice and visual focus of founding band member Andrew Eldritch, The Sisters Of Mercy’s ingenious and self-proclaimed ‘supercharged industrial psychedelia’ spawned a subculture of underground rock music that gained cult status and has since been cited as a major influence by the likes of Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and My Chemical Romance.

In 2019 The Sisters’ fun juggernaut drives on with a little new chrome and a lot of vintage attitude in their around the world tour.

You’d think it inapplicable for the rebels against the record label machine to become heroes in a time wherein record labels have almost been rendered obsolete, but you’d be forgetting that what is obsolete very much forms a part of this new generation’s idolatry.

So, step into the stormy night, put on your sunglasses, unsheathe your sword, and save the bowing of your head for The Verve.

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