The Petting Zoo Festival – Be Gentle With The Livestock

Ah, petting zoos.

A childhood delight of baby goats, bunnies, cows and that one animal that can apparently digest a tin can but won’t no matter how much you try to feed it one.

An adult horror show reeking of fear-induced animal faeces in a tiny pen with malevolent children stabbing adult goats (young meatballs) in the face with rusty jagged metal and a sleazy handler named Bud who keeps disappearing behind the toilets in a sweaty frenzy and comes back looking like he’s been to nirvana.

Well, this isn’t that kind of petting zoo, though it is for adults and there will definitely be more than one guy named Bud there.

The Petting Zoo is a music festival where 30 + artists have been booked to deliver constant aural pleasure through finely tuned Funktion-One systems. Tasty treats and zoo themed drinks will be available all day to wet your beaks with.

Live and static art installations will be scattered around the enclosure so you can explore and discover throughout the day along with roving performers and magicians.

This time we won’t dissuade you from going behind the toilets. You might need to visit ‘nirvana’ if you want to make this generic lineup of musicians seem musically revelatory.

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