The Louder of Two Evils: Coffs Harbour International Buskers & Comedy Festival

New South Wales is experiencing the worst rat infestation in decades.

That’s right.

It’s not the ebb and flow of a calm, mercury-infused ocean you’re hearing in the sultry twilight hours, it’s the tiny claws of a million rats nesting restlessly underground on mountains of abandoned hipster trilbies.

Mentioning this isn’t apropos of nothing.

We’re just trying to dull the blow of the coming infestation.

The vision of a rat orgy is slightly less jarring than…the Coffs Harbour International Buskers & Comedy Festival!

After 18 years of putting fun and laughter onto the very streets of this fair city, the 2019 Coffs Harbour International Buskers & Comedy Festival enters its nineteenth year in 2019.

Entertainment includes artists from across the globe, including a strong Australian and local contingent, in Australia’s largest gathering of professional buskers.

Shows include: four days of family entertainment in Coffs Harbour City Centre; The Friday Twilight Markets , the Sunday Harbourside Markets along the harbour waterfront; Moonee Beach Tavern and Kids Day at Park Beach Reserve, as well as three nights of adult comedy at the Pier Hotel.

If that rat orgy didn’t dull the blow, then perhaps take comfort in the fact that that this only lasts for six days.

The rat infestation is here to stay, but the rats are entirely self-sufficient and they don’t try to sell you CDs filled with terrible ukulele hard rock covers.

And rat piss may be more toxic than busker piss, but at least they don’t piss right in front of you in broad daylight.

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