The Logical Song by DC JazzFest

Growing up means learning about the intricacies of something that never seemed uncomplicated, but did seem like something with a concrete internal logic.

Typically, as the edges of your world expand, you experience mental ebbs and flows of awe and disgust at what you’re seeing until you eventually become awed by how disgusting everything you’re looking at is. It’s easy to then coast through a few decades of your life with this mindset until you’re faced with the absolute reality of your own death, at which point ape-brained survival instinct mixed with whatever chaos of cereal commercials and incestuous sex nightmares we call human intellect flips this mindset and you suddenly find the disgusting reality awesome.

Acknowledging the fact that existence resists internal logic is a mental shock which we are unprepared to deal with without some form of desensitisation. We need to become slowly acquainted with the notion of being forced to absorb something that, at face value, seems cacophonous, overvalued, illogical and a waste of time, and, upon closer inspection confirms it is exactly that. So let’s all get acquainted with DC JazzFest.

The DC JazzFest From Home Series is an event occurring on the DCJF YouTube Channel and Facebook page that will feature never-before-seen footage of performances from year’s past as well as live-streamed shows from DCJF artist alums.

You have so much to live for, you just have to listen to the notes they’re not playing.

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