The Kyneton Music Festival feat. Nothing Disturbing

Want to escape the mundanity of everyday life?

Well then you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Every day is a torrent of international fear, uncertainty and completely unregulated comebacks. Dido already thanked us for the best day of her life and that should’ve been enough.

In the words of Randy Newman (via TV’s Monk), “if you paid attention you’d be worried too”.

So we’re not pitching the upcoming Kyneton Music Festival as an escape from mundanity.

Which is a relief for us and for you.

Because, ultimately, it’s what everyone has come to expect from a contemporary music festival.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again where the Macedon Ranges comes alive during October, with sick tunes, sunkissed crowds, flowing drinks and good times.

The Kyneton Music Festival is an annual party that runs for two days…so get ready to party. Get ready for a killer line-up featuring Ali Barter, Stonefield, Jade Imagine, the Putbacks, Hobsons Bay Coast Guard, Martin Frawley, Black Cab, Glitoris, Buried Feather, Ben Salter, Ryan Downey, Cry Club, Quivers, Murmurmur, Cool Sounds, Pleasure Coma, Rosa Maria, Matthew Colin, and Ross McLennan and the New World.

The Kyneton Music Festival is everything you know is going to happen at exactly the time you expect it to happen.

It’s an event as mundane as you could possibly hope for.

An event in which absolutely no one will reference Randy Newman except in the context of Toy Story.

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