The Inland Sea and Sound Festival; Prepare Your Lungs

The Inland Sea and Sound Festival.

A festival that “aims to bring people of the Bathurst area together along with visitors to the region to celebrate original Australian live music and art from a variety of cultural origins; to honour and promulgate the culture of the Wiradyuri people”.

Because nothing says ‘honouring and propogating Wiradyuri culture’ like hosting a large conglomeration of largely white people head-banging to The Cat Empire, getting absolutely tanked and mispronouncing certain cherry-picked words from the native language in a hazy attempt to, at best, salve their well-earned guilt.

Perhaps we’re being too judgemental.

This is a place of free expression, live music and acknowledging the original inhabitants who, above all, respected and revered nature on what has become a… “testing ground for a different form of initiation as racing car drivers vie to become the ‘King of the mountain’ on a race track which has gained an international reputation as one of the finest motor racing venues in the world”.

All the beauty of respecting an ancient nature-based culture with enough lingering exhaust fumes to blind your brain to the inherent contradiction.

This year will feature the talents of:

Darren Smith, Safety of Life at Sea, LEAP, Karen Lee Andrews, The Honey Drippin’ Mudskippers, Benny Walker, Andie, Deborah Conway, Willy Zygier & The Others, Mortimer, Andy Nelson, Gabbi Bolt & Band, Amy Viola, Civil Hands, Sofala, The Mats, Tullaram, Montgomery –Church, Jack Biilman, Chloe & Jason Roweth, YuNiOn, Smith & Jones, Heath Cullen, Amber Joy Poulton, Hat Fitz & Cara, LamBros and The Cat Empire.

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