The Grass is Greener, Mmkay?

Look, they’ve already made quite a bold claim by insinuating that any grass will remain green in this environmental crisis.

But, don’t worry. The usage of the old adage is purely ironic.

“Purely ironic”.

If that doesn’t sound like a 2018 quasi-indie music festival, you haven’t been paying attention.

Yes, The Grass Is Greener (taking place in Mackay) refers to the fact that we, as Australians, don’t need to go to other countries for our music.

We’ve always historically had brilliant musical talent on our own shores and the fact is that Britain, while they may have had incredible musicians from Queen to the Sex Pistols, if they have any grass, it’s owned by the actual geriatric Queen and watered by tax-funded swan tears.

This years festival will feature talents such as: Hayden James, Herobust, Safia, The Jungle Giants, Carmouflage Rose, Darude, Dear Seattle, Ember, Emme, Godlands, J-El, K?D, Kinder, Koto Banks, Kwame, Luca Brasi, Made In Paris, Manu Crooks, Noah Devega, Perto, Shockone, Xavier Mayne, Tenzin, Barney Cools DJs, Drew and the Sax Addicts and Faure.

And if any of those names sound ridiculous and terrible and the notion of a live DJ is making you uncomfortable, just remember this:

As an english-speaking nation none of us know the words to Plastric Bertrand’s Ca Plane Pour Moi.

But we sure as hell love that weird-ass song.

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