The Forbidden Fruit with Nashville Meets London

Artistic fusions can be hit or miss and there’s no better demonstration of this than music. Fusions between musical genres can range from a genius confluence of context, implication and musical dexterity to the majority of what’s happening on SoundCloud.

But as with all artistic fusions, the worth is in the eye of the beholder and how dilated their pupils are from however much ketamine they’ve ingested.

And as with many other things, it’s impossible to tell whether a specific artistic fusion is in its fully realised state or whether it’s the stepping stone to something brilliant or whether it’s David Bowie and Mick Jagger dancing in the street, something that, to this day, resists categorisation.

The important thing is to keep an open mind and a willing main vein. You might just discover something new that speaks to you on a whole different level. With that in mind, the Royal Albert presents Nashville Meets London, featuring Twinnie from Hollyoaks.

Yes, a selection of some of the most exciting names in country music will deliver exclusive home sets as part of a Nashville Meets London takeover of the Royal Albert Home series. Launched in August 2016 as a music festival, Nashville Meets London (NML) has developed into a global music brand, providing opportunities that support the spread of country and Americana music. For this special online concert, they’ll be presenting Nashville’s most versatile band The Cadillac Three, American country music singer Michael Ray, Canadian singer-songwriter Tenille Townes, and Yorkshire-native, Twinnie. The night will be compered by Country Hits Radio, Mainly Music and No Chords But the Truth presenter Matt Spracklen.

Okay…so they’re all white, they’re all well-established and they’re all upbeat Twitter-present rich people. But two of them are women and one of them is British.

For contemporary Country Americana music, that’s a genre-mingling, culturally experimental, scandalous mindf**k.

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