The Cask Strength Live Sets: True Strength Wasn’t Inside You All Along, But it Can Be Chronically

The world is paralysed between the past and the future.

Some call it ‘the present’.

But that’s a little too simplistic-a term that doesn’t really account for the complex visceral emotions aroused when one encounters a 21-year-old smoking an e-cigarette wearing watchmakers glasses from the 1800s outside a newly opened record store blasting Adele on vinyl.

It’s not precisely anger, nor entirely confusion. It’s an indefinable feeling.

The same one you felt when you realised you couldn’t remember what Jimi Hendrix’s face looked like before it was replaced by a giant talking ’93 Camaro steering wheel.

It’s easy to surrender to a hateful mindset towards idols of past times in revolt against the present.

But that’s a reaction as childish as the children that are pissing you off.

Don’t demonise the object itself.

You’re an adult.

So just get drunk.

Yes, distillation, diversity and amplification combine with a Cask Strength Rock’n’roll interpretation at this special event that just might save you for a small moment in time.

Experience 6 cask Strength drams from around the whisky universe matched up with live performances from some of the most iconic artists of our time….all on rare vinyl!

You see, it’s not the vinyl that is the evil thing spurring those feelings inside you, nor is it the idiot hipster fingering its hole.

The real evil is chance.

You happened to chance upon the vision of that 21-year-old smoking that e-cigarette outside of that Adele-blasting record store…sober.

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