The Bland Uniter: Kasey Chambers 20th Anniversary of The Captain Tour

We seem to be barrelling towards darkness.

Our future is rife with death, pain and ignorance.

And that’s usually even before the club DJ slips into their own personal experimental techno rave tracks.

It’s difficult to feel disdain for the youth of today who constantly seem to start sentences with ‘remember when…?’. Because even though their prenatal memories are constructed from fractured bits of World Idol, the reality of their lives is so depressing that without unearned nostalgia they’d probably be upcycling the bones of previous generations’ cannibalized corpses.

So perhaps it’s time to put a brief hold on the enmity between generations and engage in shared nostalgia that threatens no one’s sensibilities.

Kasie Chambers is something that we all remember. Not awful, not great. But she was there.

And now she’s here.

Yes, twenty years ago Kasey Chambers released her ground-breaking debut album ‘The Captain’. It was a pivotal record that remains the cornerstone of her outstanding career.

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of The Captain, Kasey will perform a very special concert, sentimentally reforming her original band, playing songs from The Captain album, alongside a “best of her career set”.

She wasn’t pretty enough. Her heart was too broken. She graced defunct Franklins and still-present Target outlets alike.

Come, bring your children and your ‘I’m cool with all races even the bad ones’ older relatives to this Country crooner’s anniversary concert and feel, for one brief moment, absolutely nothing in particular…together.

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