The Artist Formerly Known as Chigga

Is still Rich. Strangely, he never stopped being Rich. But his agents now emphasise the second name ‘Brian’.

Proven as skilled at ‘breaking the internet’ as he is at co-opting black culture, Rich Brian is hitting Australian shores. Deciding to find his weak attempt at rectifying a massive and offensive oversight as charming, his fans are as loyal as ever, Vulture stating he retains a “mainstream potential [which] is unprecedented”. Certainly all those who surround and laud him are skilled at vague phrasing, which lends a perhaps more philosophical leant to lyrics such as “Call me D-Wayne, ’cause she licking on my Johnson like The Rock”.

Rich Brian will be arriving at the end of May.

His musical style has been termed ironic.

For an additional unspecified fee you will be provided with a voice scrambler and a Granola bar.

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