Taylor Swift: Swifties, At Least Not Still Republicans

She does indeed have a reputation.

If you like music that isn’t inherently abrasive, she’s been somewhat of an annoyance. Then again, if you’re a horrible person, you’re an American Republican. In which case, you’re not only an annoyance, you’re a plague on society.

But either way, you’re aware of her and she is prevalent in society.

And we’ve found ourselves in somewhat of a conundrum.

She’s been tacitly involved in the misappropriation of black culture.

She’s been absolutely involved in the proliferation of terrible music. But in the realm of villains and the entirety of society and its standard right now, she’s practically a hero.

At the very least she’s an innocent who will keep younger people distracted enough so they won’t descend into true immorality which means something so much worse than three years ago.

So, Taylor Swift is on tour. And just let those Swifties proliferate, because it sounds so much more brilliant than any other kind of proliferation (namely nuclear) at this moment.

Taylor Swift. She’s prevented scalpers and bots from purchasing her tickets. She’s felt the need to take a sane political stance. Please, let’s not get too involved with the horrifying nature of pop music. We were all okay with the Safety Dance.

Our motive now is just to mitigate corruption.

Taylor Swift. A person who might make you depressed at the nature of contemporary music, but won’t be responsible for the subjugation of innocent children.

And if you’re looking for a last bit of motivation, just know, that that monumental sociopath moron Kanye West takes offence to her.

At least, in some way, we should all, as sane people, appreciate that.



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