Tame Your Snake At Makers Take

By which, of course, we mean your snaking desire for a complete architectural revamp of your living room.

Tired of getting butt cramps from eating your dinner on the floor because you haven’t found that elegant pouffe that speaks directly to your soul?

Or perhaps your soul-speaking desk-chair you ‘borrowed’ from work has reached a state of decomposition wherein it no longer qualifies as a collection of discernible shapes?

In either case, get off your lazy butt. This one’s for you.

An exhibition of the newest works of furniture and home-ware designers with food and live performances.

Look, it’s not like it’ll be the first evening you’ve spent gazing longingly at perfectly crafted hunks of wood.

At least this way you’ll give your mentally scarred cat a night off to recover.

3 hours’ll add to your overall average stamina.

And, hell.

Nothing beats a live performance.



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