T.O.P Launch Party – Get On Top Of Christmas Depression

Look, the Christmas season is coming up.

A time for choking down food that you wouldn’t wish on your most racist relative, who, by the way, is sitting right across from you, and pretending you’ve always wanted the music of Kenny G on CD and knitted socks with an impressively crafted racist symbol woven into them.

You have to endure the familial horror. But nothing says you can’t mitigate it.

Enter a launch party!

The Outstanding Production Company is literally taking things to the next level! Their first ever LGBTIQ party in Brisbane!

Specialising in outstanding show production, choreography, costume design and captivating performances, the Launch Party is going to be a night of fun, fabulousness, sass and slay that you’d be insane to miss! So, come and see the view from the T.O.P.

So if you want something to joyfully remember, with slightly glazed eyes, as your drunken geriatric relatives tell you exactly why you represent all the problems of the world (apart from those damn immigrants), this one’s for you.



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