Sydney Writers’ Festival: More Than 280 Characters, Less Than 0.05% Employment Rate

Each year, Sydney Writers’ Festival presents more than 300 events, attracting audiences of up to 100,000 for a week-long conversation of books and ideas.

So, in the grand tradition of desperately lauding obsolete media in an attempt to fool yourself into believing you’re a member of the intelligentsia, colour your memories roseate, tongue your nibs and get ready to spew more malapropisms in one minute than Tony Abbott will in a lifetime.

Oh, and there’s one more thing we should mention.

The theme for the festival is Lie to Me.

…it appears they’ve decided to be more direct this year and have just come out and said it.

If you don’t come prepared to kiss everyone’s arse and assure at least 20 people that they’re ‘the next Vonnegut’, don’t bother coming at all.

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