Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 08/07/2018

Pack your suitcases, Sydney, because you’re hitting the high seas. You can nix the passport though. You won’t need it where you’re going.


10) Mrs. Spring Fragrance Exhibition Opening

13th July

A brace of delicate cultural articulation is your penance for the indelicacies you’ll be far too guilty of this week. A group exhibition exploring the perceptions of gender identity and sexuality in sociopolitical variants. Class up your drunken spiel.


9) Animal Rights Winter Comedy Night

13th July

Laugh your ass off at a vegan. Only difference this time is you’re laughing with them.


8) Bastille Day Soiree

14th July

Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité! Alcohol! Lasers! Electro! We’re pretty sure that’s the direct translation.


7) SYS Sounds Take-Over // Hip Hop, Soul x RNB

13th July

Stimulate your primitive soul. Just don’t engage in ALL the bodily functions associated with our monkey brethren. That’s not included in the cover charge.


6) ALLFRIENDS Basement Party

14th July

Ahh, remember those times spent after school in your friend’s mum’s basement? Like that but with less…questionable film showings.


5) Bollywood Masquerade Party

13th July

Improperly don your silken saris, kids. It’s time for a night of cultural appropriation with a sorely needed guilt-overriding twist…you’ll all be in masks.


4) WeLove 3rd BDAY with Barbuto

13th July

Melt your limbs into a dizzy eve with Barbuto – the king of techno (who knew there was such a thing, right?)


3) Dom Perignon Art Party

13th July

Go deep. Real deep. You gotta feel around until…there’s just feeling. No comment.


2) Back to BERLIn Black Party

13th July

All this talk of walls has got us reminiscing. It’s all we have left now, really. Stick a finger to the future because it’s already gone and dance backwards into the BERLIn underground.


1) BluePrint – The BYO Warehouse Project

13th July

Funktion in the void. Lighting, lasers, visuals. Your pre-frontal cortex won’t know what hit it. Probably some kind of wildly unnecessary table top. Seriously, why do tables even need tops?

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